Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Climate Change Melts Brains

In trying to do all they can to gut climate legislations, Congressional Republicans, led by Senator Lisa Murkowski, R-Palin's place, once again have revealed their stupidity in its blinding resplendency. Really, I think when these people get together, some sort of vortex is created that sucks intellect from everyone within an as-yet undefined radius. Certainly that distance is at least big enough to contain their own group.

It doesn’t help her case that the press conference she called on the measure Tuesday featured some of the Senate's all-stars of climate denial. There was Inhofe, who reaffirmed his belief that global warming is the "greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people." There was Sen. Kit Bond of Missouri, who noted that, "Without carbon, my trees would die. Carbon occurs naturally." And there was Sen. Mike Enzi of Wyoming, whose contribution was, "People are breathing out CO2 all the time. Would that be a violation of the Clean Air Act under this law?"
Hard to know where to start, much less to risk the brain-burn required to face it. But I think I like Kit Bond the best: without carbon, he says, his trees would die.

Well, yes. And his dog, and his wife, and his kids, and were he himself a carbon-based life form (which, for the sake of our collective self-esteem, we should assume he isn't) he would, too. But you have to get that in science class. You know, the place where he and everyone else on his side of the chasm prefer to teach the Bible.

Oh man. We are so screwed.


  1. Without carbon, we would all die. Or else maybe we would never have existed. Same thing with water. Essential stuff. So, drowning is impossible.

  2. Hi, Mike! I think it's hatred that melts brains. The Republicans are in full knee-jerk opposition mode and screw our children and grandchildren.

    Speaking of climate change efforts, projects to reduce cow farts seem wrong-headed to me. The methane that they produce is from grasses and grains that would be returning to the atmosphere soon in any case as the plant tissues break down, and any carbon left in the gut will be manure, also breaking down soon. Wouldn't it make more sense to leave coal and oil in the ground, use less plastic or burn less gas or plant more trees?

  3. Finally found something I agree with AlGore on.
    Tipper Gore IS really annoying, just didn't take me 40 yrs to figure that one out...OTOH if it wasn't for her "Explicit Content" stickers I'd have never discovered Insane Clown Posse....
    OK, it IS a tad hot and sticky in the A-T-L today, could be Global Warming, or the Carbon, or because it's June in the Northern Hemisphere....
    So can I have Dibbs on your Lexus since you'll be peddaling everywhere?? Seriously, don't they make Seniors re-take the Drivers License test where you live???
    I'll beat anyone elses offer by $500, I mean $50...


  4. DrekMan...(SmogBeUponYou)...

    Isn't "Insane Clown Posse" What TeaBaggers used to call themselves?

    I must say, "Insane Clown Posse" was a lot more descriptive than TeaBagger!

    But - Every Rotter to His Otter!

    And didja hear:

    Minority Leader Boner says taxpayers should help BP foot the bill for cleaning up the Gulf.

    Yep, let's hear it for Republican 'FreeMarket' Socialism

    See it and weep @


  5. Yeah, and not only Boner: Sarah thinks the gov't should more tightly regulate BP, and "take over" the cleanup. So much for, y'know, limited government, eh?

  6. Yeah Sid, she's being more 'up front' these days - about her support for the oil companies - and in another area as well: did you notice the boob job?

    She's segued from just one big boob to three big boobs!


  7. Ewww-Gene
    Save your witty remarks for your Inflatable Helen Thomas Doll.
    Ha Ha! that was such a burn....
    Oops gotta take a dump, I mean a Ewww-Gene...
    HA! Double Burn..

    Go back to the Minors,

    Frank "Gitmo's Still Open" Drackman

  8. When I thrust, they bleed!



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