Friday, June 4, 2010

The Culprits

Starting with the Republican intellectual leader, Rush Limbaugh; flowing to their pseudo-intellectual leader, Krauthammer; and picked up by their spiritual leader, Palin, is the latest and perhaps the most idiotic (for now) talking point of the season: the oil spill is the fault of environmentalists. With this, they've truly outdone themselves. Which, most certainly, is NOT to say it won't be sucked up and re-mouthed as gospel by teabaggers and the sort of happy harpers that occasionally roam these parts.

It goes like this: those nasty tree-huggers have made it impossible to drill on shore or close to shore and, because they call the shots, have forced the helpless oilmen like the obsequious and pliable Cheney, lacking influence, to take their platforms and slink into the deep waters. Right. Had they let them drill in ANWR, they'd never have gotten wet. Right. Had Palin won she'd have corked those babies and we'd never see an offshore rig again. Right. And, I imagine, had it not been for environmentalists, BP would never have cut corners. Environmentalists have always been delighted to see deep water drilling. Right.

It's not at all surprising to hear this sort of crap from the RWS™. They simply have no regard for reason or and even less -- much less -- for their audience. (When, oh when, will teabaggers realize it?) And, having witnessed the deeply depressing spectacle of that audience slurping up their effluvium and repeating it as if it made some sort of sense, it's not surprising -- not any more -- to see them do just that. Why should the RWS™ stop spreading sewage as long as people think it's chocolate pudding?

Unsurprising it may be; but it's still really depressing. It's a perfect example of the sort of slop that passes for political thought on the right, and is accepted as such, no questions asked, by the masses -- poised to vote in mere months.


  1. Is anyone there?? anyone??
    Gee Sid, not even Ewww-genes responding to your increasingly mind numbing posts, and I watched that video you posted, I didn't need that 20 minutes anyway...
    And hasn't the Statue of Limitations run out on Bush/Chaney?? I mean, you don't here me talkin about Jimmy Carter, except how he beat a "Killer Rabbit" to death with a paddle and bragged about it.

    I mean, you could talk about how nearly 700 soldiers have been killed under the Muslim-in-Chief's watch(War be upon Him)Homos can't ask or tell, and Deep Water Horizons leakin more oil than my 95 z28...
    Oh yeah, Gitmo's still open.
    OK, only 630 soldiers have been killed but the Afghan Summer Offensive hasn't started yet...


  2. You're right, Frankie; it's come to this. You and me, alone, the last two real thinkers in the universe. And by "last two", I mean "one."

  3. Thats not fair Sid.
    You come up with an original thought once in a while.


    P.S. I'm startin "Atlas Shrugged" today.

  4. DrekMan...(BoredomBeUponYou) - it must be - talk about mind numbing...

    Don't count me out just yet; I have some choice words regarding a patriotic venture for TeaBaggers.

    To wit:

    Given, that the moosekisser's notion - that the oil spill is the fault of tree-huggers - sucks hard enough to suck-start a leaf blower, and, given that the collective suckage of the TeaBagger movement exceeds that of a singularity (look it up).

    I propose that you all volunteer for passage on the vessels I refer too in Sid's post on the busted boomage.

    The intensity of the vacuum produced should be more than enough to produce a positive result for the present, with enough suck left over to clean up oil slicks far into the future - to infinity in fact.

    Just one great slurp, followed by a big gassy burp to fuel the mid-term elections. You will need something besides the methane produced by your normal B.S.


  5. Sid,

    Do you really find Franky funny? Do you really find humor in his comments? Really? Try as I might, I can now find only shame for him and those who think (or not really) like him.

  6. Fair question, Cory, for which I may not have an answer. I've rejected several of his comments, believe it or not; the fact is I really can't figure him out. Is he entirely serious? Occasionally he seems to parody himself... I don't know why I abide him, but I do. (Sounds like a song title.)

    For whatever reasons, there are comments I get here that bother me much more, rightly or wrongly. People who come by only to drop empty Obama-hate and liberal-hate with no facts, no desire for engaging in legitimate argument. I find them stupid and empty, representing the worst of our politics and, unfortunately, the norm for the screaming right wing: overcome with hatred, devoid of facts, uninterested in democracy, unable to discuss, entirely unable to believe anyone with whom they disagree has any claim to legitimacy. I've stopped publishing them. I welcome disagreement, but, Frank excepted, it needs to have a point.

    Isn't Frank all of that, too? Probably. But he doesn't even pretend to address the issues I raise, and I think he knows it. The more egregious (to me, anyway) idiots think they're actually making arguments. I don't think Frank is that dumb.

    And, of course, without Frank, I'd get no comments at all. Like they say: dyspareunia is better than no pareunia.

  7. Dr. Sid,
    The oil companies choose to drill in these deep waters because the leases on closer to shore sights are priced high enough by our government to discourage their use, which in turn pleases certain segments of the politician's constituencies. That is not an assignment of blame, but it is certainly evidence that multiple parties actions share a part in setting up the chain of events that led to an oil company deciding the best place to dig for oil is 5000 leagues under the sea.

    Had this leak occurred in 500 feet of water, would it not have been capped already?

    While I'm not assigning blame to environmentalists for this accident, it would be desirable for them to realize that we have to drill somewhere, and instead insist that "safer" procedures are used (including digging only at depths where a leak can be stopped if it starts). That's an environmental stance I would fully support.

    I don't want to sound like an armchair geology PhD, but nobody saw this happening at some point and prepared for it?


  8. Fair points, PT, particularly the lack of preparation. "No one could have known..." has been the mantra at least since 9/11 and Condi Rice. But I digress.

    I'll take your word about lease prices. I don't know about 500 feet: that's well below diving depth so I assume it'd still be a matter of robots. And if the blowout preventer and all the rest had failed there in the same way, I'd say we'd still have the same problems. I've also heard it said that the main reason we're that far offshore and deep is because we've run out of promising targets closer in. Except, maybe, ANWR, of course. Until now, I'd been less worried about it than those to my left, based on assurances that the technology is such that the "footprint" would be relatively small. Like Obama and his recent decision to allow more offshore drilling, I may have taken a little too much on faith.

    It would seem that there's been a pattern of letting the drillers avoid safeguards and scrutiny. Unfortunately it didn't end with the Obama presidency, but this platform was well before his time.

    Evidently, grievous errors were made, in the shortcuts taken on the platform, in the lack of preparation for potential disaster. You'd think it would be leading to unanimous agreement that better regulation and oversight is needed, more money needs to be spent on stockpiling the appropriate equipment, and we need to speed up our development of non-petroleum energy.

    Yeah, right.

    (Side note to Blue and those of similar discoloration: See? It's possible to start a conversation, and I'm happy to engage with thoughtful disagreement. In fact, I often agree more than you'd think.)

  9. PS, PT: By diving depth I meant free diving. There are manned devices that go that deep, but it'd still be robotic work. I suppose it might be easier to round up the oil that surfaced from there; although I believe there was still uncontained contamination from the Santa Barbara (I think) leak until the relief wells were dug.


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