Monday, June 28, 2010


What's a blogger to do? There's so many things going on at once, so much political hypocrisy, so many examples of the desire of Congressional Republicans to see America fail -- as policy, for political gain! -- so egregious as to make it impossible to know where to start. Maybe that's part of the big picture: they're deliberately flooding us with so much stupid at once that they figure none will get much attention; and they guess, possibly correctly, that thinking people will finally just throw in the towel. At some point, you just have to accept the facts: we're going politically insane and the media are only too happy to hide the lithium.

Skimmed from just the last couple of days:

  • Remember the apoplexy when had a video contest, and there was, briefly, one on its site that compared Bush to Hitler? Recall it was never among the selected winners, never shown, and was removed from the site very soon after it appeared? Anyone notice how often it's still brought up as an example of the hate which is liberalism? Yet Hitlerized pictures of Obama have become so ubiquitous as to be normal background noise. And now, Sarah Palin, that darling of teabaggers, has hopped on the bandwagon. Anyone on the right showing a tenth of the outrage they did over the Moveon non-event? Can it be coincidence that Hitler and Hypocrisy both start with H.
  • Bobby Jindal is making a living off complaining about the lack of federal support for oil cleanup. Turns out he's been blocking the help. Anyone surprised? And there's more.
  • Joe Barton apologizes to BP, apologizes for the apology, then apologizes for the second apology, while the entire lot of Congressional Republicans use the same language as Barton originally used, and are proud of it. Eric Cantor thinks it's ducky.
  • Referring to a supposed conversation between them, John Kyl accuses President Obama of using the Arizona border as a political tool, the White House denies his claim, Kyl defends the absurd comment, the RWS™ go nuts, Kyl walks it back, the RWS™ are silent.
  • Predictable reaction to the Rolling Stone article.
  • Marco Rubio, teabagger icon, has said multiple times that he wants to see the entire health care reform bill repealed. Except lately. He likes (because, it seems, voters do) the idea of eliminating "pre-existing condition" refusals. Or does he? But, of course, he simply doesn't get the economics: you want that, you need mandates. Period.
  • Republican farmer calls Democrats the "party of parasites," dances around his taking $1 million in subsidies.
  • Doubling down on their belief that their only issue is deficits, failing to care about recovery, Republicans derail more aid to states and extension of unemployment benefits. Despite high unemployment, they think the unemployed should get jobs.
  • In but one among the many one-eighties taken by Rs, showing they actually believe in nothing but derailing Ds, it's pointed out that cap-and-trade was not only originally endorsed by Republicans, but was actually part of the McCain-Palin platform. There's simply no way to negotiate with people who have no core values, no shame, no allegiance to any principle other than personal power; who will switch their arguments without the slightest acknowledgment of their hypocrisy, and with their screamers and supporters neither noticing or caring.
  • The guy who would be senator, over whom teabaggers are dripping with.... joy... wants to solve immigration with an electric fence. UNDERGROUND. And they'll still vote for him.
  • I'm not the only one who thinks the Republicans are deliberately undermining chances for economic recovery in order to help their electoral chances. Damage the country, save the party.

Clearly, Congressional Republicans believe there are enough Americans who neither understand nor care. Certainly they assume they're not paying attention. Selfishness and stupidity, they figure, are the new American norms, and who can say they're wrong? I'd sure like to believe they are, but as long as Sarah Palin is their hero, and Glenn Beck is their fount of inspiration; as long as Rush Limbaugh is the top-rated screamer and Fox "news" is considered a reliable news source, there's really not much reason for hope.


  1. Apropos of the McChrystal thing, I would be very interested in hearing your take on this article (link followed from Abu Muqawama who I think I found because of you).

    The premise is that in America's transition to a professional, volunteer military, it has changed the relationship between civilians and soldiers. You have told us of your Vietnam service (and while I can't remember you saying so, I think I assumed you were drafted), so I thought you might have a perspective from experience.

  2. Please, Please. Please go to Washington and slap some sense into those idiots!!!

  3. So I guess I WONT be seeing you at the Sara Palin appearance at the P.U.R.E. ministry meeting, in Duluth Georgia Tomorrow Night????


  4. Timmyson: it's a good and thought-provoking article, with which I agree. (And, yes, I was drafted.)

    War, in a sense, has become trivialized; I completely agree with his comments about being "at" war. We are not. During the Bush era, I considered it a term he used to bolster his personal power; when he said to go shopping, I nearly puked. But Obama says it, too.

    As has been pointed out, WWII was the last declared war. We should either be all in or all out. If we are "at" war, a declaration should be passed by congress, draft instituted (or, at minimum, a surtax be levied to pay for all costs). The pain should be spread more evenly.

    Military professionals say the current status is better: a well-trained army of volunteers. But, as the article points out, that also makes it so far removed from everyday life, that it can go in perpetuity.

    I've wondered many times, and have written, whether the US democracy can survive much longer. I've concentrated on the broken politics and the dumbing of the electorate. But this is, most certainly, another reason to question it.

  5. Dr. John BaldwinJune 28, 2010 at 4:54 PM

    As I said in my entry comment on last Sid essay, Heroics (which was as usual, well done and pertinent to YOUR Lives, about 6 down), I rarely comment, as this sort of discourse is so one-sided, and I know Sid very well and as I have said, am 180 degrees socially from his usual stand. But hey, the man is honest, true blue and his opinions matter.
    Let me just point this out...look at the 20+-some "comments" on what Sid wrote. It was about futility of war, the "endless war", and whether it was valid. It is the HUGE issue in your lives. Trust me.
    The commentators took it to oil spill, Obama, RWS folks, personal attacks and everything but the POINT.
    Either you read it and comment or hold your piece (peace). I thought you guys had more inside yourselves than word-calling and off the subject arguments. in on me. All I did was call your failures to be on task and have valid discourse. The hostility is new to me...and I would say...knock it off and stay on point.

  6. I like the look of your new blog Dr S.

    Dr Baldwin are obviously such a good friend to Dr S and no doubt goes both ways as evidenced by your thoughtful comments. :)


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