Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Committing Journalism

Too bad the "liberal" media -- or any of them -- don't know how to conduct an interview like this kid does. It's, you know, sorta what, uh, those founding father guys, well, had in mind with the First Amendment, doncha think? I do.

The thought that, against the odds and unlikely though it might be, she might actually face a real question is surely why Sarah Palin refuses any interview except by Fox "news" and the RWS™ (for whom actual journalism is about as likely as a flying saucer landing in Rupert Murdoch's back yard) and why at public appearances she only takes pre-screened questions. And yet the teabaggers love her like they love their fears. Same with Sharon Angle in Nevada. No press, no how. And here we see why.

It is, of course, of a piece with teabaggers in general: lots of opinions, few facts, unwilling to face questions. And the more their leaders reflect that, the more they love them. I suppose we should just let them take over. Make the death swift, if not necessarily painless.


  1. Woulda been nice if you could here what the other guy was sayin..
    and hey at least he didn't act like a Democrat Congressman and ask for Gay Sex, I mean, assault the guy in broad daylight...
    and aren't Journalists supposed to ask Open Ended Questions?
    I don't think California's trouble is Low Taxes...


  2. DrekMan...Family Man, Physician, Aviator ,Racist, Sexist, Clueless, TeaBagging Homophobe and Plagiarist..(MayTheFarceBeWithHim)...

    Another graceless vuvuzela fart signifying nothing but cheap beer and rancid chips!

    There are no embarrassing questions, just embarrassing answers...given his hypocritical posturing, what could he say... He just began to twitch, stare and take shallow breaths.

    He was clearly in fight or flight mode; like a cornered rat.

    It was pitiful to see, in a way, but he richly deserved the consequences of his hypocrisy.

    Oh...I believe we all know it's the Republicans that own the franchise on closet rape and illicit sex.

    "Open Ended"...another apt phrase from the man in the Freudian Slip!


  3. Ewwww-Gene, missing the point more than the Muslim-in-Chief-who-Throws-like-a-Girl(Jizz be upon Him)missed home plate with his first pitch at the White Sox game...
    His "Favorite" team that he couldn't remember a favorite player from...
    Ted Kennedy, Mary Joe, Oldsmobile, Life Preserver...
    Which one doesn't belong?
    Point is, the Interviewee could have said anything, you couldn't here him, unless you have voices in your head.
    and save your Breath Eww-Gene, you'll need it to blow up your inflatable Al Gore Doll...


  4. ???Couldn't "here" him??? Yeah... he was pretty far out...

    However, I 'heard' him just fine. but, like any republican, you could tell he was lying; because his lips were moving.

    Maybe you could just take your fingers out of your ears and quit with the LALALALA?

    If he had anything in the way of explanation, or rebuttal, why the "skedaddle?"

    That's Southern for "I'm Outahere... right?



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