Saturday, June 5, 2010

Judgment Call

Right. The guy apologizes for "poor judgment:"

A Kent man accused of joining his wife in raping their 4-year-old daughter live online was sentenced Friday...

Addressing King County Superior Court Judge Regina Cahan, Beston claimed remorse before apologizing for a his "
poor judgment" and saying he hoped to mend fences with his children in the future.

Poor judgment. That gives language a bad name. The only words to which he is entitled, in my opinion, are these: "Your honor, I am a sick sick individual who has no place in society, ever again. I request that I be incarcerated for life or, if you prefer, put to death. Anything less would be a travesty. I am a travesty. My wife, too."

Mend fences. Poor judgment. My god.


Anonymous said...

Umm Sid, you must have published this pre-maturely, I mean you didn't blame Bush/Chaney/Palin/Fox or the Tea-Baggers(now you've got me doin it)
and no slurs on the South? y'know how like it's not even a crime in Alabama??
Its cool, I mean sometimes I swim in the Nude, of course it's my own Pool, they don't let me in at the YMCA anymore.
Seriously, "ARICEPT" give it a try.


P.S. check out my "Helen Thomas Rant" today, it's a keeper

Sid Schwab said...

What's up Frankie? No mention of GITMO. Are you okay?

SeaSpray said...

LOL! :) You two are so entertaining! :)

re:this post ..I 100% agree with you!

His wordage SUCKED!

HE HAS TO BE SICK ..BECAUSE A NORMAL PERSON WOULD NOT BE SO DEVIANT AND (sorry caps) .. but he should N-E-V-E-R be let out again ..ever.

Personally ..I think castration should be the 1st thing ..but then rights and all ..but then shoulda thought of that BEFORE hurting his little preschooler ..who will be scarred emotionally for the rest of her life ..and maybe physical damage? ..I don't know.

What happened with the wife? She should not get away with it either.

Monado said...

Dang! That cell has to be above the high tide line, worse luck!

I can understand the fences. People who rape children have a lack of boundaries. They need a good stone fence, preferably built right on top of them.

If that's too drastic, there's always taking them into the barn, using a vise to attach some delicate dangly bit to a workbench, handing them a rusty hacksaw, and setting the barn on fire.

Or just nailing one foot to a log deep in the forest.

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