Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Crock

Americans For Prosperity (more correct name: Already highly prosperous Americans who will lie to you while hiding their agenda to make sure you stay poor so they can stay very very rich) wants to scare you about Obamacare. I guess we must assume the lady in their video makes more than $200K/year; because those are the ones (mainly) who might have to pay more for health insurance. She does look nicely dressed. (For families, of which one must assume she's a part, it's $250K.)

As I've said a bazillion times, I'm disappointed in Obamacare; and I've predicted (won't live long enough to see it) that if America is to survive, economically, a key component of that will have been coming around to the only form of health care that makes sense: single payer. Medicare for all. Call it what you will. The badness of Obamacare, aside from its complexity in trying to please too many people, especially conservatives, is that it rests on private insurers, who'll take money out of the system.

So there's plenty of concern. But the Koch brothers are lying, deceiving, and scaring. Doing exactly, in other words, what Rs and their mendacious media mouthpieces do every day, absent actual cogent alternative plans. (Nor, for that matter, is there much actual reporting from the "liberal" "mainstream" media, who are disgracefully lazy, or ignorant, or both.)

Gods, how I wish teabaggers would wake up to how they're being played for fools. It's not subtle, even for the slow of wit. Billionaires disguising themselves as defenders of the poor and the weak. Americans For Prosperity. What a crock.

If humans are around in a hundred years or so, historians will be trying to figure out how a formerly great country came to an end because so many people were too dumb to see what was happening to them; how easily they were deceived, by a small number of very wealthy and selfish people who had only their own interests in mind, into thinking they were being told something resembling truth. It's pretty damn amazing.

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