Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Measure Of A Man

I've stopped being amazed by any statement coming from today's Republican leaders. Or, at least, I no longer believe they'll never top their previous high water mark for stupidity. The latest example that ought to make us all slap our foreheads or cover our faces in shame for our country comes from the nicotine-tainted lips of the estimable Speaker of the House. Getting tired of having it pointed out to him how little he's accomplished by way of legislation, he's come up with a new yardstick. Judge us not by the laws we've passed, is his plea. Judge us by the laws we've repealed.

Oh god oh god oh god. In its incredible idiocy, it's orgasmic. In its clueless self-negation, practically poetry. Even if it made sense, it wouldn't make sense. And let's not forget: he said it on a Sunday head-talker show; and the host, the only one remaining to whom at least a few ascribe a shred of credibility, didn't point out the obvious. THE OBVIOUS! He asked to be judged using a criterion by which he's failed miserably. They have, in fact, passed a law now and then. Repealed? Not a damn one. Zero. Nil. Naught. Nada. None, nohow. Nor will they. Count on it. If brainlessness were paint, Boehner's could replace the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Okay, maybe to John Boehner, repeal means voting to repeal, which they ai. Not actually repealing, which they ain't. To do so, as even he must know by now, they have to legislate. Pass a law to end a law. Get it agreed upon by both houses, and signed by the president (or have his veto overruled.) Unhappened.

One must suppose that the Speaker considers their forty votes to repeal Obamacare something by which to be judged. Unlike the well-known definition of insanity, Boehner thinks, first, that doing something doomed to failure over and over is somehow admirable; and, second, that their vote was actual repeal. He'd like to be judged by his repeated allowing of a for-show-only exercise which has accomplished nothing but wasting of time and the filling of the Congressional Record with enough hot air to float the Capitol to Plymouth Rock.

So, do let's. Let's for once give Boehner what he demands: let's judge him by that by which he'd be judged. And with him, his whole sorry posse of excuses for legislators.

I lied: it really is pretty amazing, even considering their already-accumulated pile of steaming amazements.

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