Monday, July 15, 2013

Better Not Drive Home...

Story of the day:

One fan at Sunday's game between the Cleveland Indians and Kansas City Royals at Progressive Field grabbed four foul balls, a once-in-several-lifetimes achievement.
Greg Van Niel, a season-ticket holder who wasn't sitting in his usual seat, got the four souvenirs during the Indians' 6-4 win. 
"Three of them were catches and one was a ball I picked up off the ground," Van Niel told the team. "The third one I think was the hardest one — I think I ended up sprawled across a few rows, and I got some cheese on myself. But the other ones were just a matter of being in the right place at the right time." 
Yeah, four times. 
Van Niel described one of his grabs, on a ball hit by Indians leadoff man Michael Bourn, as being highlight-reel worthy. 
"Michael Bourn hit one that was off the fa├žade, and that's where I was in the cheese fries," he said. "(That) one was crazy acrobatics. I was strewn across three rows, and I needed some assistance getting back."
I'm thinking the guy has used up all his luck, and better not drive for a while, or spend much time outdoors. And I have to assume he pushed a couple of little kids out of the way. I mean, who had the cheese? Kept all the balls, too, apparently. Teabagger, I'm thinking.

Around here, when grownups get foul balls, they usually give them to a nearby kid. But, then, it's Seattle, where the fans have less to cheer about than at other places.

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