Monday, July 1, 2013

Argumentum Ex Biblico

Count on teabaggRs to keep the stupid, the hypocrisy, the nonsensical coming. And when it's not Michele Bachmann, it's sure to be Louis Gohmert. Reacting to the horror of marriage equality, aruging for the sanctity of "traditional marriage," seeing nothing but end times ahead, he quotes Solomon (around 3:40); he of 700 wives, and 300 concubines. You want traditional? Louis gives you traditional.

(I'll admit you gotta give the guy some props. Sol, that is. I mean, even if he does it three times a night every day of the year, he can only get around to each of them once a year. That's some impressive stamina, or it speaks of such attractiveness that one visit a year is enough for his ladies. Or maybe it speaks more impressively of those women: either they have more important stuff to do, or they took it into their own hands. So to speak. I mean, the Bible speaks of spilling seed, but not so much, well, the other...)

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