Monday, July 29, 2013

Outrageous, I Tell You. Outrageous!!

Evidently the latest crime against decent conservatives by the Kenyan America-hater was the barring of college Republicans from attending his appearance at the University of Central Missouri. Called them "a security risk." Naturally such blatant partisanship and unfair treatment of kids merely because they're conservatives has the intertubes of the RWS™ variety abuzz with outrage. And, by golly, I have to agree with them.

Or would, if there were a shred of truth to it. Turns out they'd showed up at the last minute, after seating was full and doors had been closed and locked, as is the routine practice at such presidential events.

Outraged that the same rules which applied to those who'd waited in line for hours applied to them as well, those poor (I'm guessing) kids turned to right-wing sources of screaming, who happily trumpeted the horror. (Receiving lots of shouty right-wing screeds and claims, I have a little rule: if it sounds impossible, it probably is, and further review is indicated. Of course, to the right-wing crazies, no claim of transgression by our president, no matter how obviously improbable, sounds impossible. By choice, they have no filters.)

As the preceding link shows, and as anyone with a dozen Betz cells to rub together would deduce, the story is bullshit.

I have confirmatory personal experience. When candidate Obama spoke in Seattle before the 2008 election, my wife and I joined a huge line several hours early. It was already probably half a mile long when we got there. We waited, though, like the optimists you've come to know here, and made it to within a few hundred standees before the doors were locked. Yes, locked. Unlike those hurt little Republicans, though, we hung around to hear the speech via speakers that had been set up, and were treated to Mr Obama stopping outside the arena to talk to the hundreds of us before he went in. (Ironically, I'd missed a message from the inside inviting me (long story) to join others on the platform from which Obama would be speaking; the message had said to bypass the crowd, proceed to the main door, and ask for so-and-so. Got it too late. Went to the door anyway, showed the guard the message. No dice. So even with that sort of juju, I couldn't get in. Poor me, huh? Shoulda called my buddy Rachel.)

In their sense of privilege, their outrage at being treated like everyone else, and the willingness of right-wing media to run with the story like town criers, we see all there is to see about the mendacity that's overtaken the Republican party.

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