Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Baseball As Metaphor

Watch a pickoff move to first base, and you'll learn all you need to know about politics. Particularly (but not exclusively) as practiced by the current crop of Republicans.

Without fail, in every single ballpark around the country (and in Canada, as it turns out), when the home team's pitcher flings it to first, the fans are pretty quiet; maybe a complaint about a safe-call. But when the opposing pitcher does it, from the booing of the fans you'd think Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was in center field taking a bow.

And if you think that's hypocritical, wait until Rs take control of the Senate, and listen to what they (and their RWS™ and their Foxified flock) say about Ds filibustering. It'll be the most unAmerican, unconstitutional, destructive action not only in the history of the US Congress, but in the six-thousand year history of the planet.

Sorta makes you wish it'd happen when Mitch McConnell is still around (well... no). It'd be jowly entertainment at its finest, assuming it doesn't make you want to slit your own throat.


Frank Drackman said...

YOU watch baseball???
Oh yeah, the Sonics moved to OKLAHOMA:(
Too bad the Hawks didn't move first...
And I guess the Mariners could be considered a major league team although they havent been revelant since A-Rod left...
And pickoff moves are one area lefties have an advantage.
With there back to first, North-Paws have to depend on pure quickness and skill to throw the runner out.
While lefties can do all sorts of trickery, I used to even wink at the runner, just before balking, I mean, throwing the ball over the first basemans head.
But Please, Somebody teach the lefty-in-chief-OTUS to throw like a man. Seriously, its gonna be late October, polls to close to call, and LICPOTUS shows up to throw out the World Series first pitch, maybe in a swing state like Ohio or Florida... Elections have been won/lost over lesser events..

Frank "Lefty" Drackman

Sid Schwab said...

So, if I understand you correctly, you're saying that political hypocrisy, as it relates to the average voter, stems from a tribalist urge, genetically encoded over hundreds of generations; and since, as we've seen, conservative brains tend to respond with fear more than liberals', and since they prefer instinctive response over deliberative, it's to be expected that they'd apply different rules to those of their own tribe than to those of others'.

And, I infer, you're suggesting that whereas it's indeed detrimental to the political process, it's something we have to accept; not only because it's an implicit part of democracy, but because such inclinations are too deeply imbedded to be changeable.

Food for thought, Frankie. Food for thought.

Frank Drackman said...

Turn off your mind, relax, and float downnnn-stream*.....
Oh hey, its Psychadelic Trippy Frank..
Wow man, thats some heavy philosophicalizin, tribalisms, genetical encodings, wait...
Trippy Man, my Nose is like, 30 feet long...
"respond to fear"?
who's really smarter, the one who pets Mr. Rattlesnake at the "Fangs and Scales Petting Zoo" or the guy who blows a defenseless Grass Snake away with a 12 gage???
and admit it, did you really memorize all those useless Biochemical Pathways cause you wanted to? Maybe just a smidgen of fear, that an "F" might land you in Kay-Sahn???
And if an emotions survived 50 billion years of Evil-Lution, must have something going for it..

Frank "don't bogart that peyote Man" Drackman

* The Beetles "Revolver"

Sid Schwab said...

Danang, Frank. It was Danang.

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