Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Foxified Again

This study is hardly news any more. Closed minds want to stay closed. Open minds like the breeze. (And, no, I don't watch MSNBC. But I do listen to NPR and watch The Daily Show.)


  1. An increasing # of ppl get their info from the intranets.....and the survey sayssssss!!!!.... that the most educated read......the Drudge Report website!



    p.s. My new homeboy, Bruce Bartlett, dropped some knowledge today about how Repubicans (inlcuding Romney; read his quotes in the article) have been embracing facets of your beloved Keynesianism when the time was right. Seems sometimes supply side is the answer, and sometimes the Keynesians know the deal.....


  2. Sorry, PT: until there's a study saying visitors to Drudge are actually better informed than, say, visitors to Washington Monthly, your claim is meaningless. The study notes a higher percentage of bachelor's degrees @ Drudge; you might agree that says next to nothing about level of knowledge. Probably all from Liberty University, or TCU, right?

    But, okay, it's interesting, and makes me curious. And I'm happy to see that the NPR website has the greatest increase in traffic.

    I'd seen the stuff about Rs and Keynes. In fact, I have a post about it -- well, at least as it relates to something The Rominee let slip -- for tomorrow.

  3. When choosing where to get information I ask myself (after reading,listening or viewing) "Did I learn anything from this?"
    Life is too short to waste on garbage disguised as "news".



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