Friday, May 11, 2012

Pass The Popcorn

This should be interesting.

Rominee, in full lying through teeth/rewriting history mode, is claiming "a lot of credit" (his words) for the auto bailout. At the same time, the latest teabagging pelt-taker, the guy who ousted Dick Lugar, the last semi-sane R senator, is running, among other empty promises, on the claim that he'll "end bailouts."

Mitt has never had much of a problem saying one thing and then denying it moments later. Nor does he seem to care much for thinking his statements through. His preferred campaign mode is pander, full throttle. So who knows what he'd say if anyone asks him about it (unlikely, given our pathetic media.) How does he circle the square: taking credit (falsely) for the bailout while his party is electing people who deplore it?

Will he say, "Well, sure I'm taking credit, but you know I was against it, right?" I wouldn't put it past him.

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