Friday, May 18, 2012

Crossing To The Dark Side

So non-white births have finally exceeded those of whites in the US. As the implications sink in, we can expect a few things:

  • White sheet sales will go up, which could be good for the economy.
  • "Stand Your Ground Laws" will be hastily enacted everywhere, before it's too late.
  • Militias will grow like weeds, and meta-swastika designers will be in high demand.
  • Superpacs will run ads with Obama's skin darkened, and fear will be mongered at even higher volume.
  • Imprecations of white aggrievement and victimhood will be shouted by the RWS™, the AFYP™, and will be seen on Fox "news" as frequently as commercials for gold scams.
  • "Love it or leave it" will take on a very different meaning, possibly with "...oops" added.
  • There will not be enough proton-pump inhibitors to soothe the rage, and ulcer surgery, nearly extinct, will see a resurgence, especially below the Mason-Dixon line. (I'll keep an eye on it: it's a living.)
  • Teabaggers will show up at polling places like crabs at a flophouse.
  • AGIUTK is buying more ammo.

What's less certain, but I'm thinking it's coming, is a major right-wing re-think regarding contraception and abortion. Selectivity and facileness with regards to biblical stipulation is already a well-practiced characteristic, after all; and as illegal immigration is now a net zero, what other options do they have? Legal ones, I mean, the turning to which would be a last resort under the circumstances.


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  2. Hey, your the one with the "Dark" side metaphor...
    See, thats what happens when you live in a White-Bread State, probably never occured to you that some Darker Hued Peoples might take offense...

    Frank "White as Hell" Drackman

  3. And Superpacs and the like will start to fund racially charged ads regarding Obama's birth. Oh wait, that's about to happen already...

  4. Ummm Sid,
    got some numbers for ya, cause dat's be how Gas Passers roll,
    MACs(not the gun, Minimum Alveolar Concentration)APACHE(Talk about Racist)Scores, %Returns.
    in YOUR Blue State, nearly %40 of the Prison Population is shall we say, "Melanin Gifted"
    some TEN times there number in the overall Population,
    Heck, even My former Confederate State ain't that bad,
    I know, with 30% Minorities, we'd have to imprison %300 of the Minority Population, tricky.
    So is
    1: The Peoples on Washington State Juries are Racist
    2: Some minority groups have more criminals than other minority groups?.
    And don't blame the Wah on Drugs, y'all got the Medical Marrige-Juan-a(Lucky Devils!)

    Frank "Book em Dano" Drackman


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