Friday, May 4, 2012

Christian Values?

Listen, if you can stomach it, to the words of a preacher behind Amendment 1 in North Carolina, as he receives amens and laughter from his flock. Your kid's gay? Beat it out of him. Yes, lord. Hallelujah. Literally, the ignorance and inhumanity make me sick to my stomach. Who threatens our society more, do you suppose? People like these, or gays? Is it even close?

(This man of god has since claimed, after his words were heard outside his sanctuary, that he was just kidding. Does it sound like that to you?)

(How much nicer a world if the Christians we heard from in the political arena were more like these folks. Why are they so rarely heard from? And according to the latest polls, it looks like this shameful initiative will pass. What damaged creatures are we purportedly divinely designed human beings. If we were cars, we'd be recalled. Or crushed and sold for scrap.)


  1. It is so, so sad to me that people actually believe that homosexuality is so wrong that it would be acceptable to beat their children because of it. I can't even begin to comprehend how anyone can believe that this is acceptable.

  2. Gee-whillikers!! hey its neato-keeno Frank, Hey-Zeuss, my Dad used to smack me around just for exercise or when I'd play hooky from my Intergrated Pubic School...
    and Reverend Wright?? I swear he taught my 8th grade PE class, try bein the one Jewish kid at a Nation of Islam get together...
    But A-Men Sid,
    I mean, Right-O, its guys like that Preacher make me wanta pack up my game and buy a condo in Haifa, sit back with some of the Bekah Valley's best Chronic, and just get stoned to the Be-Jeezus Belt..
    There's THAT word again, the J-word, and try livin in MY part of the country Sid, where there's more churches than gas stations..

    Only bad thing about Isreal is just ordering a cappuchino turns into a Billy Martin/George Steinbrender/Reggie Jackson Rhubarb...



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