Friday, May 4, 2012


But unpunished.

Against all evidence, right-wingers continue to love torture, which has, until we got hold of it, always been used to elicit false confessions. Which has, in this country, always been illegal. And for the use of which no one has ever been brought to justice. Unreliable, illegal, immoral, useless. Sort of the four-fecta for teabaggRs.


  1. The Answer My Friend, is sitting in My Gin..The Answer is...
    Hey its Mello-Jello Frank again
    and Sorry Sid, but your Peanut Gallery isn't pea-nutting enough..
    And your right, that Right Wing Probably Tea Bags, Leon Panetta, admitting that TBLKOTUS
    (The Bin Laden Killer of the US)wouldn't have gotten the Scalp without the name of Osama's courier, which was obtained through.........................
    Tort- I mean "Enhanced Interogation Techniques"

    Frank "Piece Out" Drackman

  2. When you read the article to which you've referred more than once, Frankie, it's a pretty tepid defense of torture. Basically, saying, well, I can't say it didn't, you know, help, and you know, that other stuff works better...

    Me, I'm going with guys like Soufan, who actually did interrogations...

  3. Your READ my article?!?!?!?
    A Surgeon reading something recommended by a Gas Passer??, what next? lambs playin pawsie with lions?
    And I think the real link to Bin Ladens lair was his "ABBOTOBAD-HUNK" posts on
    That being said, let me try out some of my 9th Grade Debate team (Who knew "Forensics" was just stupid debating?)skills..

    RESOLVED: A-rab Terror-ist Kareem-Moe-Hammed Ding-a-ling has planted a "Doomsday" Machine which will extinguish all life on Earth upon its detonation.

    HOWEVER: Kareem has an extreme fear of Cats. There evil, mean, and give me, I mean Kareem, the Heebie-Jeebies whenever I, I mean he's close to one.
    IF: by placing a fluffy Kitten on Ding-a-Lings lap you could save all life on Earth, including billions of cute puppies and kittens,
    WOULD you inflict the Torture of Fluffy-Kitty-on-Lapping????

    OK, I wasn't really on the debate team, but you get the point,

    Your Reply Suh...


  4. A classic scenario. Let's assume, for the sake of argument, that you actually meant to suggest an actual form of torture...

    Short answer: probably.

    Long answer: That situation has never, far as I know, been real. So it's like, oh, asking about a situation that has never, far as I know, been real.

    It's not an excuse for using torture in non doomsday scenarios, any more than running a red light because you were drunk would be excused because others have done it to get their laboring wife to a hospital.

    And from what we actually know about torture, the answer you'd get, even in that doomsday distraction, is just as likely to be false as true. So, kaboom.

    But, sure, you give me that situation, I'll give you torture. In the case of "curveball," whose lies led to the invasion of Iraq, you give me that it was worse than ineffective, and actually DID lead to the death of thousands. Tens of thousands. Maybe hundreds of thousands.


  5. Hundreds of Thousands? I was thinkin millions...anyway
    you fell for the old "Fornicus Ipso Dummo" fallacy...
    its like where you ask a chick if she'd have sex with you for a billion dollars and she says yes, and you say what about for $20, and she slaps you.
    So tortures OK as long as its Dr. Strangeloves Doomsday Bomb and just a fluffy kittin on a Feline-o-phobes lap??
    Actually I'd prefer a little soothing water in the face, and i've found that hypoxia actually accentuates certain ummm shall we say "sensations"...
    But Cats?? Brrrrrrrr..........


  6. DrekMan…

    Are you old enough to remember what my generation used to say?

    “Well…It Goes Around…And It comes around.” Some call it the “Great Law of Karma.”

    The Bible says that the sins of the fathers shall be punished unto the (third or fourth) generation. What do you think about that?

    Do you remember the Sermon on the Mount? Jesus said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!” What are you wishing for you child?

    You say your child is headed for a military career. If she is captured, and gets “a little soothing water in her face” will you remember your little jokes about how “hypoxia accentuates certain ummm shall we say "sensations?"


    Or will you, and all the other hypocritical RWS be raving about those inhuman rotten bastards and their "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques."

    Let’s all hope that your preference for hypoxia-induced "sensations" is inheritable.


  7. @ Eww-Gene
    sorry dude, can't listen to no bible prattle, I lost interest at the "Begat" part...
    Yes, the oldest product from my loins has a Navy ROTC scholarship, watta ya gonna do?, it's not Iran, I can't lock her up and sew her (redacted) shut.
    And all pilots/air crew get water-boarded in survival training, I went through it myself.
    Well watched it anyway...
    And get your mind outta the gutter, hypoxia improves ummmmm
    thats it..

    Frank "Huh?" Drackman

  8. "can't listen to no bible prattle"

    How about conscience - got one?



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