Friday, May 18, 2012


Typical. As an election approaches that well might put them in the minority, Senate Dems have finally grown a pair and are agitating about filibuster reform. Funny. I'd sort of been looking forward to seeing whether they'd use it like Rs have; ie, in unprecedented numbers, making the Senate virtually a super-majority body. Which was hardly original Constitutional intent. The R-eaction would be a thing to behold.

On the other hand, Senate Ds may be ineffectual idiots, but they have some shreds of integrity, and it's likely that even if they were to become the minority party absent filibuster reform, they'd continue their tradition of uncommonly employing it.

The only way Rs would go for it, sez me, is if they think they'll stay in the minority. Or -- and this is as likely as being struck by lightning while riding a dinosaur -- if the media stop treating it as routine, and stop saying bills failed to pass when it was cloture that "failed," with a majority of votes. Then, of course, the idea of the Senate as a majority vote body, as had always been the case until Obama became president with Ds in charge of the Senate, would have to take hold over the swamp gas emanating from Fox "news."

Not happening.

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