Thursday, May 24, 2012

Frum The Horse's Mouth

David Frum: conservative, former Bush adviser, saying a lot of what I've been saying, but without naming names. (I'd say that, for the country, the answer to his final question is stop voting for teabaggRs entirely, and if you want to get rid of Nancy Pelosi as a fair trade, it's okay with me.)


  1. I miss Ted Kennedy. Vibrant outspoken defender of the middle class, he used his prestige and money to look out for the rest of us. "Compromise" was always a word to get things done. Move forward, get beyond. He was friends with many he disagreed with but met them in Congress to fight it out and come to a "compromise."

    I just don't understand when meeting in the middle, give and take, "compromise" became a dirty term.


  2. One of Teddy's compromises was No Child Left Behind, which every educator I know calls No Teacher Left Standing.

    Compromise is not always a good thing; the middle position between batshit insane and sane is still insane.


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