Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Do Unto Others

Franklin Graham, scion of the planet's godliest family, has declared that by endorsing same-sex marriage Barack Obama has "shaken his fist at god." Catchy. Nearly as much as it is disgusting.

Fortunately, not all devoted Christians feel the same:

This week, our President made the most important moral stand of his term... As we discussed the events of the day, my husband wondered how my dad, the old deacon, would feel. We soon got our answer. This morning my mom came to our house, as she has every weekday for the past 15 years, to take care of our children while my husband and I work in the city but something was different. Mom was ebullient as she chattered on the phone with my dad. Soon it became clear that their opinions may have changed over the years but their faith had not. They were still holding onto their Bibles as they said, without qualification: "How bout our President! We are so proud of him!"

My parents believe in equality for all people. Not just equality in the areas that they don't care about but equality in areas that may make them a little uncomfortable. My parents did not evolve overnight, it came in small steps over time; fueled by people they met and struggles they shared. ... They are 74 and they are my heroes because they live their Christianity with compassion and authenticity.

It's been pointed out by people -- and I'll have to take their word -- that in the New Testament there's not a word spoken by Jesus about homosexuality. As we've seen, the more a preacher rails about it, the more likely he'll turn out to be gay himself. So I surmise that Jesus' silence wasn't out of frustration. Or projection. Maybe it's because he actually meant that part about loving one's fellow man, and treating them as you'd be treated yourself. Maybe it's because he didn't consider bashing gays consistent with his message -- his liberal hippie message -- of peace and love.

Whatever the explanation, most Christians of the evangelical teabagging variety have chosen, like religionists of all flavors, to be damn selective in their hewing to the word. Far as I'm concerned, until Franklin Graham demands of his flock that they murder their sons if they don't keep the sabbath, or their daughters if they're not virgins when married, he'll have no credibility with me.

And while we're waiting, he should put down the pork sandwich, too.


  1. Ahh, Sid, Common Ground at last, our shared, shall we say, "Jaundiced" Eye towards Christ-ianity.
    Which rhymes with "Insanity", wow, I just noticed that.
    And didn't Hey-Zeuss say "Love thy Neighbor as Thy Self"
    What, I gotta jerk him off too???
    HAHAHA I stole that from Rodney Dangerfield.
    People take Religion too seriously, Fat-twats, Fasting, those rediculous guys carrying crosses,
    Just cause I'm a MOT doesnt mean I can't enjoy an Oscar Meyer every now & then, or some Shrimp Gumbo, and hey, when they stop playing College Football on Saturday maybe I'll go to Sin-o-gog a little more often.


  2. I like the Irish writer, Jonathan Swift's take: " We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another."

    (Inscribed on the wall above Swift's grave in St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin.)


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