Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dear Frank...

Watch and learn, Frankie. Because I love you.

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  1. Ahh Sid, You Like Me! You Really Like Me!!
    But as my Favorite N-word User Mark Twain Used to say,
    "N-Word, I don't give a damn for a N-Word who can only spell a word one way"
    I know, its "an" N-Word.
    And funny how peoples panties get so wadded up over Grammarial Issues..
    When lefthanders make up more than 10% of major league Catchers/Shortstops/Surgeons, maybe I'll trim my dangling participles off...
    And I think its that Edipus Rex Complex, cause my Dad used to wonder why my King's English sounded more like Richard Pryor than Richard Burton...
    Maybe if he didn't send me to that School "the Substitute" taught at..
    Oh I'm sorry, "The School at which "The Substitute" taught"...
    But you'd be proud, just the other day, I corrected a SURGEONS Stentorial Faux Paux...
    I don't know, but I think Red Blood Cells belong in the patients Blood Vessels..
    But he said "Where's the Blood AT"
    when he could have been more efficient and sait "Where's the Blood"
    and he didn't like it at all when I pointed, and said,
    "its AT the Floor"


    PS, I can use "There" correctly but that Douchebag in the Video will still have those stupid Tatoos


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