Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Inquisition In America

From Andrew Sullivan's site:
I am a professor at the University of North Carolina. I am a Westerner by birth and temperament, but after nearly two decades in this gentle, Southern state, I was until recently proud to call it home. Today, it looks likely to be the case that my beloved home will pass an amendment to its Constitution that will make me a permanent second-class citizen. Last night, I talked with my husband of 12 years about what we should do. Should I look for a job elsewhere? I love UNC. I love its students. But it is clear that a majority of its voters will carve in large, bloody letters hatred into the Constitution.

Should I uproot myself? I plan on writing the Chancellor of the University on Wednesday to let him know that I will start the years-long process of finding a new job. I am heartbroken. American Theocracy is a real thing - and the machinery of a pluralist, democratic state has been hijacked.
Truly, my heart breaks.

Who can wonder why I rail about the ever-increasing encroachment of religion -- Christian fundamentalism in particular -- upon the public square. This is actual, destructive, discriminatory action against fellow human beings by the very group that falsely and constantly wails about being persecuted. This is hate and fear in the false trappings of higher purpose. It's inhumanity servicing a wall of denial, built to help those unwilling and unable to look squarely at life. There's no earthly excuse for it. It speaks loudly and badly of everyone who'll be voting for that hate-filled, hypocritical, uncivil and self-satisfied amendment, and, by association, of all of us for our shared membership in that frail and fearful, that morally bankrupt and selfish, poorly evolved (let's hope, because if it's by design, it's undeniably by an incompetent) species known as homo sapiens.

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  1. Yes, hatred and fear are tools to guide the -- did Ayn Rand call them "sheep"? You're right to tag the dangerous mob. It's proper to point out the pressurized, explosive mix of television, theocracy and forced austerity (oh, excuse me; trickle-down economics). One should still maintain laser-beam focus on the dealers and enablers, the manipulators, openly fleecing the "values" voter.


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