Friday, July 12, 2013

Running Mates?

First Ted Nugent, now the former half-term governance quitter. Sarah says she's considering the senate. Much as I'd love to see it -- it'd be a hell of a fundraiser for Ds -- I'd say there's something less than zero chance she'd do it. She'd actually have to study, to learn a few things, were she to run. And if she won, god forbid (her words, not mine), unless she figures she can get along on her personality alone, she'd have to work even harder. If she took the job seriously. Not her thing. Decidedly not her thing.

Not that there aren't a bunch of lazy-ass senators who've never been bothered by not knowing what they're talking about. Probably see the job as a precursor to lobbying and other remunerative afterlives. And money definitely is her thing. So, maybe I'm wrong. Except the work thing? Not happening.

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