Friday, June 4, 2010

Boom Bust

I just watched a really disturbing video, about the booming -- or lack thereof -- of the Gulf Coast. It's full of really bad language, so much so that I'll just provide a link as opposed to embedding the clip. But for those of you who wouldn't be offended by pervasive use of the f-word and occasional use of the c-word, it can be seen here.

In short, it argues that the placing of booms has not only been inadequate and incompetent but has, in fact, been mainly for show. It claims that proper booming can prevent oil from coming ashore. It suggests media have been complicit -- or, at minimum, useless -- by failing to let people know. (My opinion: they'd rather talk about political impact and show dead birds than do actual reporting, which takes work. And intelligence.)

It's really, really disturbing. If it's a fair statement of what's possible and what has not, in fact, been done, then everyone involved deserves.... I don't know what. Hanging, maybe. And if President Obama knows this and has let it slide it's inexcusable; and if he doesn't know this (assuming it's a true representation) then he's failed miserably to have found out what he needs to know. Same with Jindal, Barbour, Congress, the lot of them. They're disgusting beyond words.

I must say that I've wondered from the beginning how those pathetic little booms could be expected to work in anything but flat water. On the other hand, I'm just a guy with too much time on his hands. The people doing it, responsible for it? Shame on them. Beyond shame.

Unless the person on the video is lying. Which I seriously doubt.


  1. So basically your sayin the President(Oil be upon Him) deserves to be hung(hanged?)???
    Jeez, even I'm not that bitter, I'll just prefer a crushing humiliating defeat in the 10'and 12' elections. Like what happened to Carter/Mondale/Kerry
    And when those guys with the sunglasses, uzis, and shiny shoes show up, there not Morman Missionaries, they'll be Secret Service, wanting to know why you hate the President so much...
    C'mon... its just oil, not something really sick and disgutsting, like Barney Frank.

    Frank "I'll brign the Rope" Drackman

  2. When I first read about the spill, I wondered if it would be possible to send a tanker or two to vacuum up the oil and haul it off to a refinery to reclaim it.

    Instead they started using toxic dispersants to break up the oil - you get better coverage of the oil while making it look like less - that seems to have been the thinking.

    Various capping/plugging schemes were tried.

    The Russians suggested turning the toxic slick into a radioactive toxic slick.

    But all along, a tried and successful solution was there; and is still there:

    It turns out that the Saudis had experienced an even larger spill and had managed to clean it up AND keep it secret, AND reclaim the leaked oil.

    With: Slurping Tankers! Ta Daa!

    Having learned that, I wondered why all the corporate and governmental brainpower available had not dimly recognized that the Saudis might be on to something, and sent a few tankers to the area.

    I surmise that it must be because most of the available tankers are sitting around the world, in various anchorages, filled to the scuppers with crude being held from the market to keep prices up.

    So much for the "Law" of "Supply and Demand" where if supply is up, prices go down.

    Actually the law does work, just not how 'economists' say it works.

    It really works this way: They have the "Supply" and we have the "Demand".

    Funny though, you'd think, with all of that free oil floating around, someone would see a "Business Opportunity".

    They wouldn't even have to travel to far to collect the oil. its drifting toward shore anyway.



    DrekMan...(PathosBeUponYou) so sad - and comical - that words fail you (again)to the extent that you are forced plagiarize ideas from the opposition:

    "(WarBeUponHim"...Indeed, it is to laugh.

  3. Ewww-Gene....
    God called, he wants that extra 21st Chromosome back...
    Hey, if the President(Blame be upon Him) can make Mongoloid Jokes so can I...
    Have you ever tried Vacuuming Oil???
    Well I have, doesn't work worth a damn.
    Even if it did, you'd just end up with a Vacuum bag full of Oil, so all you've really done is move the problem, like we did with the Slaves after the War of Northern Aggression.

    and I was just joking about that extra Chromosome, you can keep it,

    Frank "Why don't they plug the Hole with Al Sharpton" Drackman

  4. Drekman...(ShameBeUponYou) - still pathetically plagiarizing I See.

    "(BlameBeUponHim)"...Indeed, it is to laugh...sadly!

    Oh well..."Imitation IS the sincerest form of flattery."

    Inre. vacuuming oil: It worked for the Saudis; and now BP is pumping it into a drill ship. It works; more than can be said for TeaBaggers: the party fascist ,socialism hating welfare recipients.

    Why would you want one more chromosome 21, when you already have three or four.

    And why bother me, all TeaBaggers have extra 21s to spare?



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