Monday, July 2, 2012

At Least They Don't Hide It

Try not to be distracted by the highly amusing auto-translate at the bottom of the screen. The message, representing the true goals of today's Rs, is as scary as can be; and his final comment replicates my mood when I bailed for a while. How any thoughtful person, no matter his or her politics, could vote to give these people control over our future is beyond comprehension. This is not conservatism; it's some kind of evil doppleganger. This is people gone irretrievably over the edge and threatening to take us all with them. Back to the dark ages; across the seas to madrassas. Ironically.

For anyone who's capable of rational thought; for anyone who harbors any desire to see the US continue to function, there ought to be no way to excuse a vote for anyone claiming to be a Republican today. And it's not that there might not be a handful with some common sense and decency; it's that adding anyone to their rolls in Congress -- or, worse, to the White House -- is further to enable this sort of outrageous stupidity, and, undeniably, to put us further down the road to national failure.

Think about it, PT: by voting R, you're facilitating this sort of idiocy. And you're no idiot. Think Romney is that far from Texas? Listen to this, and ask yourself what it means for the non-wealthy, and for the future. "The most education you can afford." How very generous.

And if Rs get their way, even if you pay for it, education won't be worth a dime.

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