Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It's Coming

Among the many themes I find the need to repeat here -- since it's evident people of the teabagger mentality don't and might never get it -- is that the budgetary disaster of Messers Romney and Ryan will, if enacted, lead to the end of civilization as we know it. And if I've never put it exactly in those terms, it's undeniable -- they not only don't deny it but seem proud of it -- that it'll lead to defunding of such critical government functions as police, firefighters, infrastructure, education, research, environmental protection, etc, etc, ad destructum.

Want proof? Here's the pudding, in tidy microcosm:

As Colorado Springs battles a rash of burglaries after a wildfire that still licks at its boundaries, it does so with fewer police and firefighters.

The municipality, at 416,000 the state’s second-largest, auctioned both its police helicopters and shrank public-safety ranks through attrition by about 8 percent; it has 50 fewer police and 39 fewer firefighters than five years ago. ...

The city where the Waldo Canyon fire destroyed 346 homes and forced more than 34,000 residents to evacuate turned off one-third of its streetlights two years ago, halted park maintenance and cut services to close a $28 million budget gap after sales-tax revenue plummeted and voters rejected a property-tax increase.

“It has impacted the response,” said Karin White, a 54- year-old accountant, who returned home June 28 to a looted and vandalized house...

Well, you get what you pay for, as it's said. And the only thing Rs want to pay for is tax cuts for their fellow wealthians, and more military spending. The rest of it? Who cares, right? Besides, we know that when you cut taxes, money pours into government like fetuses to that company Romney invested in, right? Always has.

Hasn't it?


  1. Umm Sid, I don't usually believe in Elder Abuse but..........
    You're retired, give those New-rons a work out, do some friggin RESEARCH man!
    OK, unless something happened in the last 24 hrs, I don't believe Governor Romney OR Rep Ryan hold any elective Office in the (Blue) State of Colorado, which has a DemoKKKrat Governor BTW, and even fewer State Elected Officials of Color than YOUR State, which is tough, cause YOUR State has only 1.
    And even though the Mayor of Colorado Springs, Steve Bach is "Non Partisan" a little birdie(OK it was Wikipedia)told me he contributed to EICOTUS in 08'.
    I know, I know, Romney could singlehandedly fund Colorado's social spending for the next decade with his pocket change, but then EVERY bankrupt Blue State would be on one of his 20 doorsteps lookin for a handout...
    If you're gonna bust on Romney, do it on something legitimate, like his rediculous religion(No Caffeine? where is THAT in the Bible)


    sorry for the word salad, I'm finishing up a tough* 24 hr call.

    *only 8 hrs of sleep instead of my usual 10

  2. Umm, Frank? See, a requirement of higher order thought is to be able, among other things, to extrapolate. Or to think abstractly.

    Let me help: the point isn't that Rominee or Ryan are in office in Colorado. I know that's a difficult thing to get, concrete thought being so fundamental to paranoia. The point is that Colorado Springs is a microcosm (okay, easier word: example) of the effects of their sort of budgetary chicanery. (Easier word: bullshit.)

    They want to cut taxes, increase military spending, and, so they claim, balance the budget. The only way to do that (easier thought: there's no way) is to cut other government functions (specifics, in this case: police, firefighters) to the point where there will be disastrous consequences. Like in Colorado Springs.

    Get it? Probably not.

  3. Ah Ha!!!!!!

    Caught you in my Columbo-esque-ish Trap...
    Umm Sir, Doctah, just one more question please??
    17 times in fact, lowest taxes in 60 years, when there were 48 states instead of 57*

    Umm, well except on tanners, and cigarette smokers...

    Maybe that's why there's no Infrastructure when you need it..
    I mean just this morning I could have used some good Infrastructure...


    * EICOTUS speech 11-29-2011

  4. Sigh. This is why I could never be a teacher...


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