Friday, July 27, 2012

Советский Союз

In yet another multi-layered example of Romney's mendacity, his campaign is warning against the threat represented by "the Soviet Union." I wonder: do they not know there's no longer a Soviet Union, or do they figure their supporters don't? Absent any positive reason to cast a vote for their man, do they figure they can get people to vote for him out of fear of the Red Menace? (It's worked on at least one of my readers, after all.)

It's almost unspeakably amazing to me how limited is the R game plan. Ever since Ronald Reagan, they've played the same cards: tax cuts, deregulation, fear mongering about outside threats, and playing to bigotry. In the case of the first two, no matter how many times they've been tried, it's never worked. Fear mongering, of course, is tried and true. Nothing works better on the carefully teabagged than fear. It's their stock in trade. It's what made the RWS™ millionaires, and what keeps Fox "news" on the air. But, really: the Soviet Union??

It's typical of The Rominee that he has lots to say in criticism of President Obama and virtually nothing to say about what he'd do himself. (Okay, he has a solution to gun violence: change American hearts. He didn't specify how he'd accomplish that; magic underwear, maybe. But he did say laws aren't the answer, because the Colorado shooter had obtained his guns illegally. Which, in fact, he had not!!)

Barely out of the country on a trip to emphasize his foreign policy credentials, The Rominee had already screwed up vis a vis Australia and The UK before his Sovyetski slipup. So, beyond making false claims about Obama's foreign policy, he has only errors to show for himself. (Sounds like they're reading his book over there, too, and they don't much like it.) When you have no core, and when you're willing to say whatever you're told, it's what happens. Then, left to your own devices, needing to say something before you're informed what it is you think, you blurt, and fail. Add to that his economic plans that everyone agrees are useless at best, and devastating at worst, how can it possibly be that people support the guy?

I'm a generous, benefit-of-the-doubt person; but Mitt Romney is starting to give me a really sick feeling. And, as opposed to those made crazy by the idea of that black guy in that white house, my feelings are based on the observable; which is to say, on reality. Looking at it from any direction, he is seriously unfit to be president. If he wins, he'll have done so by lying; by making stuff up; by changing with the wind; he'll have done it on the money from a small number of really rich and selfish people.

And then what?

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