Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Random Picture Show

Here are a few images I've collected but haven't gotten around to including in a post. On the other hand, they pretty much speak for themselves:

(If you click on the one above, and then click on the resulting image, it should get big enough actually to see.)

Pivoting ex politico, here's one of my amazing aunt, about whom I've written before. I knew she'd been a crazy fan of the Portland Timbers soccer team (I supplied the Oregon Museum of History some memorabilia for an exhibit on the team, which included a special section honoring Moomump), but I didn't know they'd actually made a poster of her. For that matter, I didn't know they saw a round of timber off a log after every goal scored; and I especially didn't know that she'd sawed off the very first one.

And here's one of my favorites of her, with the wonderful, sweet Vladimir Horowitz:

The airplane in which I spent most of my flying time in Vietnam, affectionately known as the Gooney Bird, and which the pilots let me fly for hours on end. I actually got good at it:

Here's a real one in flight. If you look very closely at the windows you might discover why the picture is called "Moon Goon." I was never particularly photogenic.

My story, lately:

And finally, a sunset at our house, as seen through garden art made by Judy's sister Joan:


  1. Sid!
    Nice Ass, BTW
    No photos of your Nephew Alfred E. Newman???
    And couldn't help but notice your "Wrong Turn" was to the LEFT...
    And C-47's are cool, no 2 ways about it, Piston Engine, Propellors that you have to set the pitch for, and no ejection seat if Charley gets lucky and hits something vital...


  2. Dr. S: I enjoyed reading about your Aunt (from the 2008 post) and the bit about the Timbers (never heard of them; the only 'football' round here is Steelers).
    Moonmump was an independent woman, my favorite kind. Thanks for sharing the photo of your sunset--when politics gets you down--go out and look at that!


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