Monday, July 30, 2012


Not one to toot (my own horn, anyway), I nevertheless would like to point out that if you Google "Scalia is an ass" (with or with out suffixes), my blog pops up #1. Same with "ACA truth." Or thereabouts, anyway. There are a few other searches which land me on the first page of a million or so hits, too.

I say this not because I think it means a hell of a lot; there's scant evidence I'm changing the world. But to a certain someone who likes to point out, drakonianly, how few comments I get, it might show that there are multiple data points by which to judge a thing. Extrapolating to other issues, it could be a useful point to keep in mind.


  1. You *do* know that teh Google customises search results for every person/IP address, don't you? For me, "scalia is an ass" results in a conservapedia link up on top.

  2. Well, what I'm referring to is my stat counter: I don't do the searches; I see those that arrive here, and from where. When they've done the search, it (stat counter) shows the google ranking of the site they came up with.

    Which is not to say you're wrong; only that it's not me doing the search.


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