Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Nose, Face, Spite

Turns out those teabagger-elected congressfolk, in their zeal to make a point by taking us to the brink in last year's debt-ceiling fight, cost the country (the love of which they profess, along with their commitment to fiscal sanity) about one-point-three trillion bucks, according to the GAO.

The extraordinary actions Treasury took during 2011 and January 2012 to manage federal debt when delays in raising the debt limit occurred were consistent with relevant authorizing legislation and regulations. However, delays in raising the debt limit can create uncertainty in the Treasury market and lead to higher borrowing costs. We estimated that delays in raising the debt limit in 2011 led to an increase in Treasury’s borrowing costs of about $1.3 billion in fiscal year 2011.

Honest to that guy in whom teabaggRs claim to believe, that "do unto others" guy, I can't see how any sane, rational, America-loving, thinking person could vote for these people. Or their anointed Rominee. They have no positive agenda, no ideas that are judged workable or which haven't already been shown to be unworkable. Tried and failed. As recently as three-plus years ago.

Which explains the nonstop effort by billionaire-backed PACs and propaganda networks poorly disguised as news organizations to create a false image of President Obama and Democrats. The only reason to vote for Rs -- and a recent commenter proved it -- is if you've been made to fear that mysterious Kenyan Muslim America-hating secret planner more than you fear the actual, real, not made-up consequences of the announced plans of Rs. Which is easy to do, since those plans have been obscured and obfuscated to perfection, by design, and with the overt cooperation of Fox "news" and the rest of the RWS™.

And so, without a moment's reflection about having been made to think that way, or who stands to gain from their sheeply in-buying, my reader brushed off my questions about the impact of the Ryan/Rominee budget on our future, to focus on a remark Obama made to Medvedev (not Putin), picked up by the RWS™ like Larry Craig in a men's room, which was neither dastardly nor anything but obvious: after the election, when R demagoguery will have less effect, he'd be freer to deal rationally with arms control.

I doubt a harp knows when it's being played; but I'm absolutely certain teabaggers have no clue at all. Which is exactly how the Koch brothers, and Roger Ailes and Karl Rove and their disinclined plane Mitt Romney want it.

Shame on you, teabaggers, as George W Bush so famously said.

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