Friday, July 20, 2012


Remember when candidate John McCain said he knew how to end the war in Afghanistan but wasn't telling? Back then there were those, myself included, who suggested that, as a patriotic American and supporter of our troops, he damn well ought to get the information to George W as fast as his angry little legs would carry him. Well, he didn't; and after losing, it would seem he continued to keep it to himself. Oh well. Blood under the bridge. His to know, ours to find out, maybe, some day.

And now we have Mitt Romney doing the same thing with the economy. He "knows how it works" and knows how to fix it. Based on what he claims credit for (or denies) doing (or not doing) at Bain, when he was (or wasn't) in charge, involving offshoring and outsourcing or not, he knows how to fix our economy and grant us floods of jobs. He knows something, one must assume, that our previous Harvard MBA president never figured out; something up with which big business-experienced advisors to every president in modern history never came (well, there was Citibank's Rubin and Bill Clinton, who oversaw the creation of twenty million jobs and the balancing of the budget; but the secret died with them); something Mitt Romney alone knows, something his experience at Bain, bankrupting companies and firing people, taught him and him alone; something which will defy the history of Reaganomics -- a kernel of knowledge he learned from his amazing and unique experience and guards like that gold-head thing.

For now, I guess he's trying to throw us off track, because so far the only ideas he's suggested have been taken straight from the pre-failed R catechism: tax cuts, deregulation, military increases, decreases in services, and... well that's pretty much it. Big sleeve. Hiding it up. So while we dance around in a ring and suppose, the secret sits in the middle and knows.*

Having a certain emotional stake in the survival of our country, I hope that, win or lose, he'll reveal his special knowledge before it's too late.
* If you know the line, it'll make sense.

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  1. Sid, I think what we've seen in the news has made it pretty clear that the economy is a 'rigged' system, much like a casino, with the house being those who are wealthy enough to rig the game (i.e., financial services). I believe Romney does know how this system works... I can't say that I believe he'll try to change it to work in a different way - say, one where the guys at the top leave a little bit more for the guys at the bottom - however. So if we want more of the same casino economy, Romney can give it to us.


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