Friday, July 6, 2012


Well, I'll admit it: if the election were just about today's economy, Obama would probably lose; and deservedly, by his own lights. I'm among those that think he's done about as well as he could have, given R obstructionism at all times and at all levels; and, compared to Europe's, the US economy is as hot as these ladies think they are. But, no matter how the president tries to spin it, the latest jobs numbers are piss-poor, and it's not good politically or economically. (Except, of course, for Rs, so they assume, whose plan has been to block jobs programs and then point to the poor jobs reports.)

Which is why I think Obama and the Ds need to campaign, factually!, on how much worse things would have been and will surely be if R ideas are put back in place. How the Ryan/Romney budget will destroy what's left of our ability to pay for our most basic needs. Other than aircraft carriers, that is.

Affecting greatly the poor jobs numbers is the loss of government jobs (despite the continuing lie that Obama has increased the size of government.) Importantly, a very large portion of that loss is teachers (and, as we've read, cops and firefighters...) And that's exactly how the Rs like it: on the altar of tax cuts for the wealthy and spending increases for the military (despite the fact that the US spends more on its military than all the rest of the world combined), they're more than happy to sacrifice spending on virtually everything else. It's out there; it's obvious.

So, yeah, the economy still sucks. But it's the best one in the western world at the moment; and there can be no argument what it'd be looking like -- what it will look like -- if The Rominee and his fellow Rs (to whom he caves even on terminology, faster than Hadron particles, and to whose wealthy donors, clearly, he'll bend at the slightest pressure, now and forever more) get their way. To point it out, over and over, in as many ways possible, is to win the election. Assuming the message can be heard above the upcoming torrent of billionaire money flooding the airwaves with distortions and legal lies.

The way I see it, the only hope for our country's long-term survival is if Obama is reelected and if the remaining Rs in Congress finally decide to work with him and Ds to fix things. Obamacare is among the things that can and ought to be improved; so are ways to pay for teachers, and roads, and.... the list is long.

Which, given the current R insanity and willingness to sink the country, their own states, to destroy President Obama, is, clearly, wishful thinking. Until they're thoroughly rejected by their own party, until conservatives demand more of their elected than just dishonest and hypocritical obstructionism, these cynical, blockheaded, scorched-earth destroyers will wreak their havoc, unapologetically, gleefully, until the last teacher is laid off, the last bridge collapses, the last uninsured person dies a needless death. If I'm wrong, show me the evidence.

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