Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ride On, Sally

How can you not admire Sally Ride. She was so much more than an astronaut. I wonder if The Rominee knew she was gay, and that his stated policies would hurt her deeply. If so, he chose not to mention it. This woman, who, some would say, flew closer to god than any of us, doesn't deserve simple human rights, according to Mitt. Soulless, shameless hypocrite that he is, Mr Romney, along with the rest of the bigots now controlling conservatism in the US, would rather not think about the human consequences of his pandering.

It's worse, of course, in his case: at least the teabaggRs have been consistent in their religious-inspired hatred; The Rominee, who has no values that aren't for sale, flipped like a mouse-trap chain reaction when his whetted wind-finger told him to.

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