Monday, July 23, 2012

Taxing Patience

Confession: although I don't think how The Rominee played footsie with taxes is the dispositive issue of the campaign, I'm curious as hell to know what's in those earlier returns, and why he's so determined to be the first candidate ever to be so stingy with them.

I figured the identity of Deep Throat would never be revealed in my lifetime, so I suppose I could be wrong; but I'm pretty sure we'll never know the answer to that one; unless, maybe, after he's president and screws things up so bad that we're on our way to extinction, someone at the IRS, or a former Bain insider, lets the catastrophe out of the bag.


  1. Maybe someone's waiting until the height of the campaign. Maybe he donated 90% of his income to support Planned Parenthood. Maybe no-one's told him what happened those years, and he's just telling us what he knows. You just never know!

    You Americans have the most exciting politics ever. The rest of the world is just so jealous!

  2. I'm confused, (so what else is new?)
    The Identity of Deep Throat?
    I don't get it, its like saying
    "The Identity of Old Yeller" or
    "The Identity of Gone with the Wind"
    I know, I just revealed my ignorance, I'll Google it..
    Which is what my Old Man used to say whenever I'd ask him something stupid,
    except they didn't have Google in the 70's...
    along with "Dispositive"
    and I'm curious as hell to...
    Not about Mitt's taxes, they're :)! probably like mine, done by an over-priced Accountant, and might as well be written in Sanskrit for what I understand..
    I wanta see EICOTUS's College Transcripts.
    Seriously, as a fellow Practitioner of the Healing Arts,
    Do you think he took anything tougher than "Astronomy for Poets"???


  3. ummm,
    thanks alot Sid,
    I googled "Deep Throat"...
    lets just say most of the results are not "Safe for Work"...


  4. Re: Deep Throat:(from

    Mark Felt, the most famous anonymous source in the history of journalism who was known to the world as "Deep Throat", died in Dec. 2008 at aged 95.

    As the associate director of the FBI, Mr Felt was outraged by the Nixon administration's attempts to block its investigation of the Watergate scandal which ultimately led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon in 1974.

    A master of counter-intelligence from his days tracking German WWII spies, he secretly helped Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein pursue the story. It was thirty four years before he finally broke cover, admitting in 2006: "I'm the guy they used to call Deep Throat."



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