Friday, July 27, 2012


Now, I'm gonna go out on a limb and extrapolate here, while leaving it to others to do the definitive experiment: we learned that, of those sadistic people who went out of their way to kill a non-threatening animal, 90% were SUV drivers. My bet is that if you were to interview those people you'd also find that virtually all of them are Fox-listening wingnuts.

Which is not to say that SUV drivers are all a bunch of killers. Ninety-four percent of drivers, after all, did what sane people would do; ie, drove on by. And many SUV drivers are liberals, no doubt. But of the deliberate swervers of their SUVs to kill, well, who does that? Tree-hugging vegans?


  1. You're right, Frank, that I'm not getting many comments. Ironically, I'd thought that deleting your comments, which I just did, again, would pick up the pace. (If you could just control your urge to step on your occasionally-worthy message with the usual drivel....)

    On the other hand, readership continues to rise. So, whatever...

  2. "readership continues to rise"??
    Umm that just me...
    and admit it, my stuff is funny once in awhile, unlike that Gloomy Gus Eww-Gene, I mean, I understand you being depressed, cause it rains all the time, and you don't have an NBA team, or a real MLB/NFL team, and even your local non-profit Theater group is going under, because surprisingly, in the birthplace of Starbucks, nobody wants to see a Drag Version of "Othello"*...
    But what's Eww-Gene got to be so bitter about, how can anyone be bitter in San Diego, I'd move there in a minute if my house wasn't worth $200,000 less than when I bought it("Pay Cash" my dad said, almost as bad as when he suggested I go into Pediatrics...(There'll always be sick kids, he said)


    *NPR "weekend edition" July 14th, 2012

  3. I do admit your stuff is funny sometimes. It's sorta like looking for pie in the house of a hoarder; the kind with stinky stuff all over the place. But when you find it, if you take it outside and breathe for a while, it tastes good. I'm sure you've been there.


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