Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ya Think??

So The Rominee was booed as he spoke to the NAACP. Big surprise, right? Bet he didn't see that coming.

Or not.

My thought: Rominee knows there's no way he'll get many black votes (Alan Keyes, Clarence Thomas, Allan West, for sure; Michael Steele possibly), so why not make sure he gets the haters? Go to the NAACP, tell them he'll end Obamacare, get the predictable reaction, send a message to teabagger racists.

Smart. When you have nothing to offer, offer it in the right places.

[ex post scribblio update: As usual, by the time I get around to posting, it turns out I'm not the only one who thinks so.]

[post scribblio pars duo: knock me over with sacred underwear.]


  1. They weren't boo-ing him,
    they were chanting "Mittttttttt........................."

    Seriously, who are these "At least 5 elected Black Officials" you're imagining??
    Closest I can find is one of Seattles Council-mans who's 1/32 Black...

    and "The Fresh Prince of Belair" doesn't count...

    Frank "Black below the Belt" Drackman

  2. Willard appears to be entirely missing that many of the policies he espouses are rooted in racism. Of course, he would argue things are changing for the better, since his Church o'the Magic Underwear changed their tune and allowed that non-whites were allowed to join the organization in the late seventies....

  3. Frank,

    I too am pleased with your fine new hobby horse. However, just so you know, King County is 6.5% black. I guess Seattle proper is quite a bit lower yet.

  4. Dr. Drackman is indeed turning into a one-trick pony, and a lame one at that......
    Nice to have you back in YOUR saddle, Dr. Schwab.
    Mark V


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