Saturday, July 21, 2012

Guns and Poses

Gun control. Yada yada. Liberal bleeding hearts. Yada yada. They're coming for your guns. Yada yada. My cold dead hands. Yada yada. Only criminals will have guns. Yada yada. Assault on Judeo-christian values (the judeo part thrown in reluctantly), prayer in schools. Yada yada. He's a teabagger, he's a liberal, he's one of those overeducated elitists, he's a sign of ____
(fill in the blank.) Yada yada. It makes us stronger, it makes us weaker. Yada yada.

Same old, same old. Something for everyone, nothing for anyone.

We're staying in a motel in Portland. It has a bunch of umbrellas in a tube by the door for use by customers. Maybe theaters should have something similar, with guns.


  1. The USA is one societal step away from "everyone" having to carry a concealed weapon; like in the Old West, a gun and holster.
    My, what progress we've made.

  2. Guns have been prevalent in American society since its inception. Why are these events now happening with such frequency? I certainly don't know.


  3. I don't either, PT. Who does? But I'm pretty sure it's more complicated than not praying in school.

    Back then, of course, you had to pack in a new ball and stuff in powder and a wad. (Not in that order.) Hard to kill so many people, and movie plexuses were less crowded. Not sure Tom Jefferson envisioned people walking around with assault rifles.

  4. Duh,
    I'm surprised in y'all.
    It's obviously the global warming.
    I mean Climate Change.
    And the Denver area's a mile closer to it than the rest of the country, the crow's in the gold mine so to speak...



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