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  1. Sorry, Frank: I'm being more selective. My public demands it. Sorta like Rominee, I do what I'm told.

  2. HaHa,
    I know, Stormfront reruns don't play well with those sour-pusses...
    Or bringing up EICOTUS's "Inhalator/Breathalyzer" quotes...
    And like Sherlock Holmes's(?)dog who didn't bark, the comment's you don't print are even more intriguing...
    It's like that whole Bin-Laden Death Photo, the real thang probably isn't nearly as good as my mental image...
    But now your pubic's thinking, WHAT was so vile? So Purulent, that even a lefty Surgeon had to use his Krus-chef eraser...


  3. I suppose I should thank you for the link to However, if you are really concerned about lying, this post might be more useful.

    Socialism is essentially a lie. That's why you have cartoons like this one. While it leaves the impression that government can and will save the uninsured, the poor, the old, and the whoever, it can't. Because government has none of its own, politicians promise to take the wealth from of the "rich" to fund their supposedly wonderful programs. There aren't enough rich.

    Because socialism is about stealing, we are going broke. Robbers don't care about their victims, but never fear. When we become their slaves -- their property -- the people robbing us will begin to show more concern for our health. At least they will care as long as we are useful to them.

    Have you noticed who supports euthanasia? Have you never wondered why? If government gains full control our healthcare, what kind of treatment do you think Obama will give that old lady in your cartoon? Pull the plug and let her die? Of course not! He will require that the treating physician adhere to government certified best practices. First put her to sleep -- painlessly, of course.

  4. Interesting -- if a little paranoid -- take on the ACA which, as I've said, is about as far from socialism as Sarah Palin is from intellect. The thing is, not many political Ds -- certainly not Barack Obama -- are advocating socializing the US health care system.

    Maybe you're talking about Medicare and Social Security which, I agree, are like socialism, and which indeed have impending cash problems. But, as you exemplify, attempts to control medical costs by Democrats are immediately demagogued by the right-wing as killing grandma.

    We could save money, all right, by killing grandma. But it's only Rs that keep bringing it up. Projection, maybe? It is, after all, their plans -- or lack thereof -- that will lead to unnecessary (but desired by them?) medical deaths.


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