Sunday, July 1, 2012

Get It?*

Eugene, down there in San Diego, has a point.

In throwing in the towel, I'm doing exactly what The Rominee, with his constant and pathological lying, the RWS™, and the pigpen of prevaricators in the propaganda palace preposterously pegged as Fox "news" are hoping will happen: People with truth on their side will simply collapse under the weight of pervasive prevarication. Repeating a lie often enough, seeing it go essentially unrefuted because at some point normal people will tire of hearing themselves say the same thing over and over, eventually makes it, effectively, true. For teabagger purposes, anyway.

Thus, The Rominee keeps saying stuff that's patently false, that has been unequivocally shown to be false. He doesn't care. It's his business plan. And he assumes, correctly, that his audience is too endumbed or too anxious to validate their prejudices to notice or care. And, depressingly accurate, that the non-Fox media will either give up or continue with their false-equivalency pussy-footing. Or both.

When I find it too much to bear, when it makes me feel hopeless and defeated, it validates everything they do. So I should take one for the team and let my gastric mucosa erode away like the beaches of the Maldives, right? Probably. Except for the fact, notwithstanding the nice comments I received recently, that my audience is too small -- and already smart enough that I'm not telling them anything they don't know or think -- to make any real difference.

Still, even if it's only me and a handful of others, I shouldn't let the liars win, at least with me. With the rest of the public? What will be will be, I guess. I think it'll depend on whether Obama and the rest of the Ds can package the truth in a small enough pill, and get it swallowed despite the mouthful of crap they've already been fed.

So, likely at a somewhat reduced rate, I'm back in. Thanks, everybody.
*It's a sandy Eggo.


  1. Very, very pleased (but not surprised). Your blog is uniquely insightful. I came to visit every day and would have missed it...
    Except for Frank - that's crap I really wish you would cut.
    Jacob Horner

  2. It's good to see you back.


  3. Yea your back ....missed you! Pat

  4. Go SID! It's gotta be seriously happy-making when you know people are going to guffaw: love that visual pun in celebration of your staying.I need to show that picture to my son who lives down there--thank you!

  5. I nearly never comment (twice, maybe?) but never miss a post. So glad to see you're back! You may feel like you're preaching to a small choir, but it's one whose members are linked to many others, large and small.
    Give 'em hell, Sid. Give 'em hell.

    Carlos from La Center

  6. Best news all day!

  7. sixty eightTerrific news of your return!
    Hang in there.

  8. Dog-gone it Sid,
    You're(:)Smart Enough, You're good enough, and Dog-Gone it, People like you!!!
    and since you have such disgust for fibbers, umm you know, like saying you won't raise taxes on anyone who makes <$200,000(really not that much money), Close Gitmo, Cut the Daficit in 1/2, End the Wah in Afghanistan, where 7 US troops were killed last week,
    I'm sure you'll join me in voting for Ron Paul*...


    * I know he's crazy

  9. VERY pleased to have you back.
    Don't forget to take a break now and then to recharge whenever you've had your fill for a while.

    And Frank, corrosive though he may be, offers an up close and personal counterpoint - one that reminds most of us why YOUR voice is so necessary.

    Personally, I'm inclined to cast my vote for Rocky Anderson; he may not win, but he leaves me with a clear conscience. I much prefer to support someone who shares my view and tells it like he sees it than any of those who'll say whatever it takes to get elected only to then do exactly the opposite.


  10. Finally got to see what eggo meant – nearly broke a stitch. My first trip to from LA to SD (13 years old) was as a riding swamper, for an owner-driver of the Red Ball Express, an intercontinental moving and storage company. The driver had pronounced it as Sandyeggo; when we got there I asked, what is an eggo? I was surprised to learn, that it was Diego and not eggo. It did not seem right.

    It was pre-freeway days so it was a long drive through the large flat plain of the orange growing areas (now sprouting only houses) to the coast highway south.

    Having seen only the smog covered poorer parts of LA; I was amazed at the kaleidoscopic beauty of the sun on flower fields, sea cliffs and ocean.

    It was like the scene in the Wizard of OZ where the film transitions from grayscale to full color.

    Post war SD was a low-lying town then. There were miles of wind blown beaches and everywhere crops were growing. I was stunned by the sweeping view from Point Loma.

    To this day, I have an indelible memory of blue sky, red tile roofs, and magenta bougainvillea over a vast bay filled with ships.

    Your graphic took me back to a time and consciousness where things were not so God-awful.



    Glad you came back!


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