Wednesday, July 18, 2012

He's Reich, You Know

Weird boxing interruptions notwithstanding, he covers the issues to be determined by the election. Probably tens of people have seen the video already. Take that, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Karl Rove, and you four or five billionaires buying the election.


  1. Doc, I really like your blog. While I may not agree with every word I find it refreshing to read commentary by a rational man. I live in an area where nearly all the commentary is hate and discontent against President Obama even though we are one of the poorest counties in the state. (Yakima)If it weren't for Medicare and Medicaid at least 1/2 of the county population would have no medical care and both hospitals would be bankrupt. But, alas, the ACA is evil,wicked, mean and nasty as the song goes according to the powers that be. To give you a flavor for the idiocy please go to blog: Richard Edgerly MD and click on Medico/Political issues and read. The insanity you see is commonplace in the Yakima Valley. I will continue to read your blog and be thankful for your rationality. Jim Prokop

  2. Thanks! Yes, it's really dispiriting, the extent to which the right-wing propaganda and lies take hold so easily. People hate based mostly on the false information they've been fed, by people whose interest is exactly the opposite of those to whom they're peddling the lies. And it works like a charm. Pretty sad.

  3. Sid:

    I've got to cheer you up. I'm now giving you 3 to 1 odds on the election, which means that I'll cough up $15 if Obama loses - which he won't.

    I have no clue what, to some, the term "conservative" is supposed to mean these days, but if they think they have my vote merely because I still attain to that title, they're mistaken.

    Best case for them is that I, and many others like me, will simply sit out this election because we won't be party to the insanity being spouted in our names. Worst case is that we'll say, "screw this" and vote for the "liberal." Either way, you get half the price of a good bottle of Buffalo Trace of which, I'm sure, you'll offer me a few tots to comfort me in my despair for what used to be maeningful opposition.


  4. Okay, Larry, you're on. But the $ should go toward a shared tippling.

  5. Larry is spot on re: definition of a conservative.

    Have you seen Bartlett's latest piece which explains that the stimulus was not too small, but grossly misallocated?



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