Friday, March 27, 2009

GOP, Heading South

Well, it turns out the Republican budget proposal that got laughed off the stage yesterday had an actual chart in it:

What you have there is just dazzling in its detail and economic acumen. It reminds me (I admit my mind was jogged by other blogs) of the Underpants Gnomes, and their business plan:

If it weren't for rank and file Democrats holding Obama's feet to the fire, we'd have a virtual one-party system. The Republicans, as currently constituted in Congress, are a piteous joke. Even more than the Congressional Democrats, and that's saying something.

I like the idea of two strong parties, especially when I think back to the times when each had worthy people in them. Simply put, the current crop of elected Republicans (and, of course, their media cheerleaders) are appallingly vacuous and empty-headed. To the extent that our Constitution is based on the idea of intelligent and honorable people getting together to solve problems -- and I can't help but think that's what the Pennsylvania pappies had in mind -- it's a tragedy for us all.


Beer Bottle said...

And the Obama budget: borrow lots, print money, spend on everything. And then talk about how he's making the hard choices.

My grandkids will be paying it off.

And still no Treasury department? Isn't that important right now?

Sili said...

Don't have any kids, then. Problem solved.

By the way, how did your grandkids pay off the third Gulf War that fast?

wv: "Inatusho" - Inuyasha's callipygian sister.

Beer Bottle said...

Until liberals reach their nirvana of very, very late term abortions, that ship has sailed long ago.

Dumb question. That's like saying, Of course I can buy a yacht. It only costs three times what your heart surgery cost.

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