Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Quick Question

Since the right-wing crazies have dubbed our financial crisis "The Obama Recession," will today's rally be referred to as a "Bush Bounce?"

Yeah, I know a day doth not a deluge make; but it gives a little taste not only of the stupidity of such a meme, but of the suicidal path on which the Republican party leaders and its screamers are walking. Trotting. Breaking into a slow sprint.



  1. I think it's called a "Death Rattle", Sid, y'know when your patient's about to die...and that rising PaCO2 stimulates the chemoreceptors for 1 or 2 last gasps... its guys like me pickin up some good values...but I'm holdin out for a DJI of around 2,500...

  2. Ah, Frank, consistently the ass. There's something comforting about it: the sun will come up, Frank is an asshole, all's right with the world.

    The "Obama Recession"; how absurd, given that the man's been in office for five or six weeks. But don't fret, Sid. History will call it the Second Great Depression, with Bush as Hoover and Harding combined, and BHO as FDR.

  3. Ahh Leigh, Flattery will get you Everywhere...and its written in the Manbook...when a chick says you're an A-hole, she really wants to sleep with you...ever seen Dogs courtin'??? And anyway... you're welcome for the momentary pause in the Market Free Fall...I'm not buyin anymore till it gets below 3000...which might be next week...


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