Thursday, March 26, 2009

That God!!

What a merry prankster is he!

The tragic plane crash that occurred in Montana, killing several adults and children was, we've been informed, an act of god to warn us against abortions. Old news. But here's the wondrous part, praised be he: in his effort to get his message out that we should value life, god not only bumped off a bunch of adorable kids, but a pediatrician (who saves the lives of kids) and a woman five months pregnant. Saves the unborn by killing the unborn, is how he worketh his wonders. In mysterious ways.

Abortion is rightly a very controversial subject, into which it's not my intent to get, at least not now. But this much is obvious: when you start attributing these sorts of tragedies to your god, when you project your prejudices onto the world in such a way as to see your god confirming them by causing the deaths of others (see: Falwell, bin Laden, Robertson, Ahmedinijad), you show yourself to be hate-filled, paranoid (by the actual psychiatric definition), vengeful, and, most certainly, immoral. The lady who wrote the article in question is a despicable human being. But you'll never convince her of that. God is on her side. The one that kills babies to make a point, anyway.

She can have that one. I'd prefer one that isn't a criminal.


  1. The day I see a Fundie actually acknowledge the paradox inherent in this kind of story -- and there's always one -- is the day I eat a hat. Any hat will do; I won't need to struggle to find one, because it won't happen.

  2. holydust,

    I think you took a bet you can't lose. It would seem that anyone who would acknowledge that paradox would no longer be a Fundie. But, if I'm wrong, I'll keep a small yarmulke made of of fruit roll-ups, just in case.

  3. Dr. Schwab,
    Hello! I think you might enjoy this - you can direct message God!:))

  4. The Church of Christ Transmogrified

    They are ‘Christians’ who mock the bleeding heart of Jesus and worship the power of death.

    They believe that every word in their well thumbed, sweat stained bibles is absolutely true - except the words they choose to ignore. Revelation tells them that only 144,000 will go to heaven (and none that have known women) but they are all sure they are going.

    Therefore they pray God to destroy the world as soon as possible – eight billion people must die so they can get to heaven a little sooner.

    They were told: ‘Do unto others as you would have done to you.’ Jesus protected the woman taken in adultery; in the garden, he prayed to be spared torture and death. Yet, with the example of humiliated and tortured Jesus dying on a cross they avidly support torture and the death penalty.

    Jesus told them ‘Blessed are the merciful’, and ‘Love those who hate you’; but they are one hundred percent in support of war and the destruction of all designated enemies. They are content to see Palestinians slaughtered by the Israelis to steal Arab land – be they Muslim or Christian – for the greater glory of God.

    Jesus told them: Heal the sick, feed the hungry, teach the ignorant, and comfort the afflicted, but they elect neo fascists who they rage against paying taxes to help what they call dirty welfare cheats.

    They idolatrously worshipped George Bush as a messenger from God – Memos so far revealed show a treasonous president setting the stage for a police state with all branches of government under one man rule. They could not get enough of him.

    Jesus said: “when you pray – go into a private place and shut the door; do not pray on the street corners as the hypocrites do.”

    But the brethren of Christ Transmogrified gather in groups on corners or by thousands in stadiums vying to out weep, out shout, out moan, out groan and out posture each other in grotesque ostentatious displays of faith. A faith, which they say, is scientific proof of creation; but they prove only their lack of faith: true faith requires no proof.

    They have turned the love of Jesus inside out; they are remorseless, unrepentant and unforgiving; yet, in spite of all their hypocrisy, hatred and idolatry they believe that nine words will get them into heaven.

    They will blandly tell you “We’re not perfect, we’re just forgiven”; but without repentance there can be no forgiveness.

    If Christ is just, as he is believed to be, one great day he will say to them: ‘I do not know you, I never knew you.”

  5. Eugene: wow. I couldn't agree more.

  6. Not sure what the big deal is with Mr. Coat's just like 8 really late 3rd trimester abortions...might even be able to harvest some decent stem cells, I don't know, let Chris Reeves walk again...



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