Friday, March 6, 2009

Final Exam

Ready to take the ultimate religion test? Here it is. Sharpen your number twos.

I find it pretty amusing, particularly since it gets at much of what I've pointed out in several posts on this blog.

No cheating.



  1. Jesus still loves ya, Sid...


  2. Have you sent this to President Obama? He went to great lengths to prove his Christian faith during the campaign. That wasn't just for show, was it? He told us the truth, I'm sure. How would he answer these questions?

  3. anonynous: wow, what an excellent point! You can turn anything into an attack on Obama!! Absolutely brilliant and exactly the sort of item by item rebuttal that shows the fallacy of everything I implied, and proves your own rapier-like brilliance. A brain like that could only be a gift from god. Vishnu, I'm guessing.

    I can't wait for your next comment. In fact, I'm praying for it as we speak. But really, how can you possibly top this one? I feel as if the heavens have opened and the wisdom of the ages has been revealed. It's a miracle. Thank you. And thank whichever god/gods you think most appropriate. Next time you see him/her/them.

  4. Not an attack on Obama, unless the attack is coming from you. You seem to approve of his judgment; are his Christian beliefs part of his judgment? You're awfully sensitive.

    BTW--you spelled "anonynous" incorrectly. Shows how your mind works, I think.

  5. I was right!! Even better!! Here I thought I was making a point about religion, and you have demonstrated that it was about Obama all the time.

    And spelling. Let's not forget spelling.

  6. You know, Sid, Anonymous might have been making the point that reasonable and ethical religious people exist, and that Obama is one of them. He/she/it might have been pointing out that an alliance with such people is possible, and that you have entered into one.

    Then again, it may have been a dig. Hard to tell for sure with people who won't identify themselves, even with a nym.

  7. Leigh, I suppose you could be right, although I doubt it. On the other hand, as you've said, it's hard to know one anonymous commenter from the next when they don't even bother to identify with a nym of any sort. I assume it's the same guy (the women I know are better than that) who makes off-point and repetitiously unoriginal comments with regularity.

    I'll say this: I'd be much happier if all politicians were expected to keep their religious views entirely to themselves. And did.

  8. good grief. you are clearly searching for answers, you are not ready to receive.

  9. Exactly wrong. Always ready for new information or data. By "ready to receive," I take it you mean "ready to stop asking questions," which is what belief is: bailing out of the quest.

  10. do you believe in the spirit of a human being. If you are truely open to gaining knowledge about the unknown, and understanding the unexplainable, take time for yourself, keep an open mind, and just ask for it to be shown to you. You would be suprised. I am not talking science here, I am talking about what only a few ever experience in the life. Just ask and you shall receive, be careful what you ask for, b/c you will be shown.

  11. "If you are truely open to gaining knowledge about the unknown, and understanding the unexplainable, take time for yourself, keep an open mind, and just ask for it to be shown to you."

    Exactly. And what will show it is lots of work: research, testing, positing, confirming or rejecting. The difference between you and me is that I can wait for real answers, can accept that I can't know everything in my lifetime, but, to paraphrase Richard Feynman, I'd rather live with doubt than believe something that turns out to be untrue. What you are doing, with respect, is hitting the panic button and bailing out of reality.

    It's your choice. It works for you, and for most people. It's much easier to believe than to accept that we don't know.

    The bottom line is this: you won't convince me, and I won't convince you. So let's quit this discussion. It's a waste of time.

  12. actually, I am not hitting any panic button, it was how I was raised, and what I know, feel, and love. I agree, I won't continue this conversation out of respect for you, but for me it's very real. I hope one day you are able to find the answers you are looking for.


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