Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Moderation In All Things, Including Moderation

Housekeeping note: since the general tenor of comments seems to have improved of late, I'm reverting back to not moderating them. In part, this is because I let some good ones pile up last night: respectful interchange between some admired regulars.

So we're back to free-for-all, but with those annoying word verification thingies.

Nothing's perfect. Which is why I still have a retroactive delete button.


  1. That's nice to hear. :)

    I loathe comment moderation..although you are good about getting to them.

    It is really frustrating when the blog author delays in posting them.

    I think it ruins the flow of comments and probably causes bloggers to not post comments as frequently.

    And yet..unfortunately..there have been negative experiences.

  2. Freedom, what a concept...
    What if your beloved Darwin had to wait for some pointy headed editor to aprove that Origin of the Species crap???
    Now if I can just get you to go along with that 2d Ammendment....


  3. I wouldn't mind if you deleted my "volvo" comment - that's been bugging me ever since I hit send. : - )) Sometimes things are not as funny in print as in person.


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