Monday, September 16, 2013

Mongers, Denied

So, just to be sure I understand: if, by some means, we are able to accomplish the goal of ridding Syria of its chemical weapons without the need to drop bombs, with the attendant collateral killing of innocents, that's a humiliation. HUMILIATING, I tell you!!

If Vladimir Putin, whose hypocritical column in the NYT has the crazies going crazy, gets some credit, brought into the mix by whatever means (which, horror, might even include deliberate and on-going behind the scenes negotiating by Obama), that somehow instantly erases the obvious imbalance between our two countries in terms of economic and military strength and of round-the-world credibility? Just because Putin can, with a straight face, lecture us about equality and democracy while demonstrating the opposite in terms of gay rights, free press, political protest, it means he'll be taken seriously as a standard of decency?

Gimme a break! This Syria episode has been a circus in all ways from all sides; but the obvious disappointment among wingnuts that we didn't (so far) get to bomb another bunch of Muslims may be the most instructive of all. Their certainty in American "exceptionalism," whatever that is, is so ephemeral that it melts like a gallium spoon if we can't put on a war once in a while, or if we don't act unilaterally like bullies around the planet. Because it's worked out so well whenever we have. If this is patriotism, then it's weak tea, indeed. If their only measure of strength is in kilotons, if their only view of America's strength is borne of military might, then they don't have a clue of what this country is (or has been, anyway) and don't deserve a seat at the table. Especially if food is served.

What a pathetic bunch of insecure losers today's "conservatives" have become. Walk stupidly and carry a big dick. (To make up for their small ones, one must assume. Not that I've ever seen one.)

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