Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Price We Pay

Read this and weep. For the kid, his family, and for our society, which as horrible as this sort of stuff is, considers it, if not exactly okay, then just the expected collateral damage, an unpleasant side-effect of our preferred status as the most heavily armed "civilized" nation; not desirable, necessarily, but whatchya gonna do?

A 24-year-old man was arrested in the shooting death of a 3-year-old Michigan City-area boy in what an official said was a game the man played with a gun... 
... The child, Lance Wilson, was found dead from a gunshot to the head inside the trailer where Grisham lived with the boy and his mother and at least one other child. 
... Grisham and the boy often played a game where the boy pointed his finger at Grisham and said, "bang, bang." Grisham would respond by pointing his gun at the boy and pulling the trigger.  
... the investigation shows Grisham "this time forgot the chamber was loaded."

There's no excuse for letting that guy walk the planet any longer. He should be strung up in Wayne LaPierre's front yard.

I don't think our society would suffer much were all guns to disappear. It'll never happen, of course, particularly as long as it's possible another black guy could become president. But I have no problem with recreational guns. I have a friend, NRA member, gun safety instructor, hunter who only shoots when he has a clear shot, and has never needed more than one shot to kill the animal. I've gone shooting with him (at a range.) I've eaten his delicious elk sausage, too.

Absent any other options, I'd like it if guns in the US were rounded up and put in Larry's safe-keeping. I'm pretty sure he'd demur: his garage is already pretty full. But if all gun owners were like him, we'd have nothing to talk about. When it comes to guns, anyhow.

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