Friday, September 27, 2013


It could be teabaggRs worst nightmare: the cost of insurance premiums under the Affordable Care Act look to be lower than projected for 96% of Americans.

As they do everything they can to prevent tens of millions of Americans from, for the first time ever, having access to affordable health insurance, Republicans must be getting pretty worried. What if it works? What if that 96% of Americans discover that they've been lied to by the right-wing fear machine? It's coming down to the wire. Not long before we find out.

Meanwhile, I have no doubt that there will be problems -- probably significant ones -- with implementation; and issues that'll need fixing. Worse, the solutions will need to be found and legislated against the tide of disinformation and lack of assistance from the right, who'd rather see people suffer than pitch in and do the job of legislating for the good of the country. Led by such nihilist egotists as Ted Cruz, if they have their way, we're ruined.

[Image from linked article]

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