Monday, September 27, 2010

Adult Toys

Let's not talk solutions, he pleads, while saying we need adult conversation. Un-fricking-believable. This from the party of "Death Panels," "Killing Grandma," and pledges to return to the failed theory of trickle-down economics, brought to us four decades ago, by Ronald Reagan. This from the party that still contends, a lá Ronnie (as if it didn't fail miserably when he tried), that they'll balance the budget while adding nearly four trillion bucks more in tax-cut debt, while increasing defense spending. This, from the party that wants, in effect, to return us to the hand-cranked Model T and its broken arms.

This from the party that calls global climate change a deliberate hoax, an anti-capitalist plot. (Care for some lemonade, Los Angeles?)

John Boner is saying let's scare the people into voting for us (ed note: hating Muslims is the best way, of course, but with the right lies, the economy can work, too). Then, we'll ignore real solutions just like we always have. Note also his reference to "consequences." In other words, in the poisoned pool into which they've dragged us, any policy statement that even remotely gets close to reality is doomed to failure.

He should know. Because when Barack Obama made serious proposals to address medical costs in ways that Republicans would have surely proposed themselves had they been in power, they railed to the heavens and, charitably, mischaracterized them shamelessly. What does that leave them? "Well, huh huh, y'know that was just to trash that black guy terrorist illegitimate president. Really, we need to do that stuff, so never mind what we said. Huh huh. You weren't dumb enough to believe what we said then, were you, when we were just kidding? This time it's for reals. Really. Trust us to do the right thing."

Adult conversation. After making disinformation and demagoguery the coin of the realm. After actively avoiding (the linked article is by a conservative) talking about what they'd really do, and what it'd mean for the country.

Adult conversation. Right. That might be the most dishonest thing the guy has ever said, and that's saying a hell of a lot.

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  1. 113 in LA??? well it IS a desert, and Summer's only been over for a week.
    It was 60 degrees at the Braves game last night, Downright Chilly.....
    I mean, you'd have thought you were at a January Packers game with all the Parkas and trashcan fires...
    Braves won 2-1 in extra innings...maybe they'll meet your Mariners in the World Series...




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