Saturday, September 25, 2010

Uh Oh

Local headline:

Bellingham man hikes length of Appalachian Trail

I mean, wow. Did he take Viagra? Anyhow, there goes the marriage.


  1. Well, SS, I keep telling you you need to get your news from new sources...

  2. Okay ..that's funny!:)

    I remember that now.

    Thing is ...I know a lot of people that really hike the Appalachian trail..including younger son and his friends.

    We even had a pt come into the ED who was hiking from Mew England, through here and going down south. And he was hiking the Appalachian trail with his dog.

    They both fell off a ledge and came into our ED to get checked out. The ED doc had a big heart for animals and she had them sneak the dog in and she checked the dog out too.

    Both patients were treated and released. :)


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