Sunday, September 26, 2010

Be There

We're gonna. What could go wrong?

And I've already designed a sign:


  1. I'm thinking of going too. My sign (in a nod to Colbert's companion rally, Keep Fear Alive): [big block letters] Glenn Beck is Afraid of Sanity; [underneath it, smaller] It's the Only Explanation.

    Seriously, if you go, let's see if we can meet up.

  2. Well, we've got airline tickets and hotel reservations, so we're there. Let's definitely stay in touch and plan to meet up. I'll be at Abe Lincoln's feet, trying to wash away Glenn Beck's DNA.

  3. Aw, Sid -- love that sign!

    We've blown away our frequent flyer miles and timeshare points already. In 2010, we've been to Hawaii, New York City, Park City, Utah, and just got back from a short trip to Boise, Idaho, which is quite a nice place in September. We're both up to our ears in PDX volunteer commitments in October, our son and new daughter-in-law are coming to visit in November, and then we are off to Hong Kong in December.

    So, we wish you a safe flight and a cozy room with a wonderful view. Send lots of hugs to those political wags who are actually going.

    Cheers from Ellen Kimball & spouse!

  4. That Colbert Guy made alot of sense...
    What network is he on?? I guessed Fox Business, but nope...

    Frank "singlehandedly supporting a Mexican Village" Drackman

  5. Well Ms. Katherine "I'm so Smart no Men will have sex with me"...
    Colbert's not a liberal, he's a "PROGRESSIVE"!!!!!!!
    So who's the idiot now???
    Still can't find what network he's on...strange.
    And I don't HAVE "Buddies", if you can't eat it, kill it, or screw it, what good is it?



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